What Can You Give Away? - By: Kenneth Vogt

What can you give away? That has been a long standing question in the business industries, but it has not always meant the same thing. The idea of products or free promotional things to give away has been a major vehicle for attracting new customers. It also has been a mechanism for keeping the interest of existing customers, but still makes them feel like they are being treated like a new customer all over again.

Giving away free products is always good for customer relations. This is a time honored tradition that is still in practice today. Customers always love companies that give away free products, even better if they are ones that they actually use. Still this is not a deal breaker, free stuff is still free. Most customers will not complain about getting almost anything free by mail, in person or online.

Giving away promotional items that are only available as customers. If a free product is promotional that usually means that it is not available elsewhere. In store promotional items or online special offers are some of the most sought after giveaways. They are often collectible by virtue of being available only as a promotional item, these giveaways are they type that customers remember well.

Giving away services that get customers to use businesses directly. Online service providers offer free email, webpages, blogs and other things that can be offered to customers free of charge. These things usually do not cost the company anything, because they already have them in bulk by virtue of their business industry. Customers will eat these up, since they are convenient and they feel personal. These type offers also get more people using your services indirectly, plus open the door for the customer to try out a service and possibly upgrade later.

Giving away cash prizes to get customers to register with your company. Nothing speaks quite like cold hard cash money. The cash prize give away is the most popular, but guaranteed to generate interest from all kinds of customers. The registration process lets you get the names and information of people that might be interested in knowing more about your business. The only draw back is the cash incentive is sometimes the cause of many registered participants with no actual interest in becoming customers.

Giving away content to interested websites can generate customer interest. Today there are many webpages that are in need of constant content for their blogs or postings. These pages will often solicit companies that will offer them content that they can post, this is a trade off of free advertising for both parties. This is free web space for self promotion of your company and will solicit customers that come from alternative sources quickly. This type of promotion is usually free other than the content you provide, which should be mainly about your business.

Any kind of promotional tools will generate some new business, but using them effectively depends greatly on how well your advertising is aimed at the particular market of customers. What you give away is less important than who receives it, or in turn who ends up responding to it. You can give away almost anything, but turning it into a customer relies on what your business has to offer to begin with.

What can you give away? That has been a long standing question in the business industries, but it has not always meant the same thing.

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