Free Printable Forms, Documents, Calendars and Cards - By: Robert Thomas

Thirty years ago when you needed a business form or letter template, you had to open a book to look at a sample. Then you had to get out the typewriter and start processing the document from scratch. Otherwise, you were ordering blank forms that just did not exactly suit your purpose. If you wanted a calendar, invitation or greeting card, you went to the nearest retail store.

Soon word processing applications became the standard for creating letters and even basic forms. Spreadsheets became more popular for table based layouts and auto calculations. As the Internet emerged it has become possible to share and download these files. New file formats have also allowed a more pleasing graphical presentation such as PDF files that are capable of producing quality printed vector based graphics.

That brings us to today. Both businesses and individuals need to be aware of the opportunities that exist to find quality resources in printed document templates online. A number of sites specialize in offering these types of free resources. Not only will you have option to download a free word processing document, spreadsheet, PDF or graphic file, but in most cases you can edit and customize that file to suit your need perfectly.

In the case of business documents, it is fairly easy to do a search and find personnel forms, business letter templates, accounting tables, financial forms and budgeting spreadsheets. Most of these template files provide the basic function but allow you to modify and customize the document. For example, you may find an employee time sheet form that helps your business track daily hours and auto totals it for each week. You can easily type in all of your employee names in the sheet and change those names when you add or remove employees. You can modify the document to add a table column to track employee social security numbers. It is a much better option over writing in those names in on a blank form.

Furthermore, the same type of convenience can be found in free printable cards, invitations and calendars for individual use. Even 5 years ago, most households did not possess a quality printer that could replicate the commercial printers. But technology has improved greatly in this field. It is not all that expensive to get a good quality photo printer. And those photo printers are not just for family photos, they do an amazing job of printing vector graphics as I mentioned above. You can order blank greeting card stock or invitation stock online or pick it up at most office stores. With this stock, you can download and print quality PDF based greeting cards or modify invitation templates and print them in the convenience of your own home. Even if you do not have that stock on hand, most people that own photo printers will have standard 4x6 photo paper that can be used to print a simple one page card (on those occasions you forgot to get someone that birthday card).

So do not get stuck in old thinking. Search the web and you will find an abundance of free printable business forms, financial documents, greeting cards, calendars and invitations.

Taking advantage of free printable business templates, letters and documents as well as calendars, greeting cards and invitations available online.

Robert Thomas is a co-owner of Sourceline Media, a web company that publishes multiple content sites including, for free professional resume writing / cover letter writing resources and for free printable business documents, templates, calendars and cards.

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