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DeWalt Tools is recognized worldwide as a leader inside the power tool industry with regard to both professionals and home owners building construction projects. Recognized to be potent, highly functional, and durable, Dewalt tools are the preferred power tools of contractors and tradesmen on virtually every single construction project. Nonetheless, homeowners and hobbyists also enjoy Dewalt tools for their value and long lasting reliability.

The products of DeWalt Tools may be sorted into three varieties: woodworking power tools, corded power tools, and cordless battery powered tools. DeWalt has among the most inventive collections of cordless hand power tools over these categories. Worldwide, DeWalt is recognized as a producer of high quality tools which are efficient, robust, accurate, and durable enough for any job.

Raymond DeWalt originally founded DeWalt tools in 1924 - much more than 85 years ago. Raymond E. DeWalt's very first invention was the radial arm saw, which DeWalt is still credited with inventing, and has been one of DeWalt Tools most favorite tools over the years.

DeWalt has gone on to generate lots of other favorite tools which are regularly observed across the construction and building industries, such as DeWalt sanders, air compressors, nail guns, miter and slide saws, table saws, and jigsaws. Also impressive will be the DeWalt Tools list of popular cordless power tools that include both 14.4V and 18V battery models of drills, impact drivers, hammer drills, reciprocating saws, circular saws, radios, flashlights, and grinders.

DeWalt Power tools is now a Fortune 500 Firm, and has been awarded one of Fortune Magazine's Most Admired Businesses, as a testament to DeWalt's popularity and authority as a trusted producer of top quality power tools and machines.

In one of its additional popular line of cordless power tools, those compatible with it 18V batteries, DeWalt has produced over 250 unique versions of power tools. The remarkable feature of all 18V DeWalt Cordless Tools is that the batteries are interchangeable and fit all other 18V Cordless Tools. This permits the builder to add new cordless tools to their collection without having to purchase further expensive batteries. One of the greatest deals for getting several DeWalt tools at as soon as is a combo kit, which comes with several tools and two batteries with a recharger. It truly is typical on most Dewalt Cordless Power tools for the battery to fit into the deal with, which is balanced ergonomically for weight.

Lithium Ion Batteries are an awesome new feature that may be an upgrade along with your Dewalt Tools obtain. The lithium ion batteries mark a huge improvement in cordless tool technology, which batteries which are lighter, last long, are powerful, recharge quicker, and do not require to be fully drained before recharge. The only drawback is the cost, which runs about twice as much as comparable NiCad rechargeable DeWalt Batteries.

Regardless of what type of project you might be working on, the toughest power tools for the job are made by DeWalt. DeWalt Tools knows what type of demands experts have, and engineer their merchandise particularly for those tough jobs in mind. DeWalt also offers leading rated consumer support, and services all of their power tools directed. DeWalt Power tools carry an one-year warranty, and will replace worn out parts for free. DeWalt has one of the largest service networks within the country, with over one thousand factory-owner and authorized service locations. On DeWalt's durability and reliability track record along, numerous builders and homeowners only trust purchasing DeWalt Tools.

DeWalt is going to be organizing the 2011 Knockout Challenge, and in addition to generating power tools, DeWalt is actually a main NASCAR Winston Cup series sponsor. DeWalt was a prominent figure within the design and testing of surveillance for Diebold's renowned Hope Diamond project. Within a rivalry with other brands, DeWalt turned out ahead in performance in spite of comparable speed comparisons.

DeWalt Power tools can be purchased at retail locations worldwide, as one of the leading brands offered. Nevertheless, on the web continues to be among the best places to locate DeWalt Tools at the most effective prices. Purchasing Dewalt Tools on the web also gives the buyer the option to get trustworthy opinions from many other professionals and home owners who have really tried the items and would like to publish their particular experiences on the web.

DeWalt Tools is known worldwide as a leader in the power tool market for both professionals and home-owners working on construction projects.

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