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Zumba In Pregnancy

     If you're used to enjoying Zumba there's no reason to give it up as long as you still feel comfortable - it's a great way to keep up your pregnancy fitness! We wouldn't recommend you start Zumba during pregnancy unless you are already a fit dancer - and most importantly, listen to your body!

Make sure your instructor knows you are pregnant so he or she can modify some of the routines and let your doctor or midwife know you'd like to carry on with your Zumba sessions - and listen to their advice.

Not everyone will be able to carry on dancing when pregnant but Zumba is a fun way to keep fit and if you're loving your classes they can be a great pregnancy workout. Just remember that you're pregnant and adjust your routine as your belly gets bigger!

Avoid too much impact and twisting - try and keep one foot on the floor at all times, go for marching in preference to jumping, stepping instead of leaping and avoid making quick turns that might throw you off balance.

Drink plenty of water before, during and after your exercise and wear comfortable clothes - ideally ones that draw moisture away from your body to help keep you cool and support your bump as well. The music might be sizzling but you need to make sure you don't overheat!

Don't dance so vigorously that you can't sing along to the music - if you can't talk you're pushing your body too hard - which isn't good for you or your baby. If the pace is too intense then cut back on the arm movements and keep your heart rate lower.

Whatever exercise you do during pregnancy it's worth checking out guidelines from medical experts or online safe exercise in pregnancy guidelines and make sure you're aware of the warning signs of over exertion too.

And if you do decide that Zumba is too high energy there are plenty of other activities that will keep you fit. If you prefer to attend a class try spinning or something more gentle like Pregnancy Pilates or a pregnancy yoga class.

Here are a few tips from pregnancy fitness expert Lucie Brand for safe exercise in pregnancy whatever activity you are taking part in!

Make sure you warm up! Warming up and cooling down are even more important when you're pregnant to help prevent injury. Walk around, move your arms and stretch out, focussing on your arms, calves and the front and back of your thighs. Spend at least 10 minutes before you start your pregnancy workout with a whole body warm up to make sure your blood is delivering oxygen to your muscles.

Cool down! At the end of your session cool down by walking around, slowing the pace until you are no longer out of breath. Stretch your muscles paying particular attention to the calves, thighs, chest, shoulders and arms.

Make sure you stay fuelled and don't exercise on an empty stomach. Pre-pregnancy you might make demands on stored fuel but you should make sure you eat sensibly to fuel your pregnancy fitness session.

Drink plenty of fluid. It is easy to dehydrate when you are pregnant, small sips of water are best so keep a bottle of water handy throughout your workout

Keep cool. Pregnant women can overheat quite easily so exercise outdoors or in an air conditioned room wherever possible. Moisture-wicking exercise clothes will help move the sweat away from your body and keep your temperature regulated

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Alexandra McCabe is a founder of FittaMamma, the healthy pregnancy experts. FittaMamma is a free resource to help women enjoy an active pregnancy with workout videos, recipes and prenatal yoga tips. Here you can find easy to use guides for prenatal exercise for a healthy pregnancy while managing pregnancy weight gain

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