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Your World, My World?


I've avoided the debate on the environment and environment issues for a long time in the belief that everyone is entitiled to live their life any way they choose.

Passionate about walking, I nornally walk through at least three parks on my daily walks. The difference in the seasonal weather change and their impacts on trees, plants and shrubs is staggering.

Late 2007 - 2008 climate has been very strange, no real Winter, unless you count rain, blustery and chilly weather as winter weather:-) Normal winter weather for me is a noticeable switch from Autumn to Winter.

Normal" Autumn means that leaves on non-ever-green trees turn russet and fall around the trees waiting to be gathered up and dump in the bin or compost (if you're that way inclined) . "Normal" Winter means, snow, cold, wrapping up warm and lots of mugs of something hot:-)

Winter tip-toed in this year (2008) and is about to tip-toe out again shortly. By late February, the parks were full of snowdrops, crocuses, the daffodils followed soon afterwards. I saw green shots on shrubs in February. Yesterday, I saw a magnolia tree in a church garden facing a main road, it was already in full bloom, in mid- March.

Puzzling and worrying.

Without a normal seasonal change, how many species are likely to die out unless they can adapt and evolve quickly to the environment and the climate change?. Is it time to wake up? Are we killing planet Earth?

"The Great Environmental Briefing"

Today, I received an email from "The Institution of Engineering and Technology" (IET) Berkshire Network Committee inviting me to their April event, "The Great Environmental Briefing".

The briefing is an open discussion joint-venture organized by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) .

The briefing aims to explore ("in the presence of engineers and community leaders") issues that are influencing the environment today. The briefing plan to discuss

* climate change cause and effect,
* sustainable options for energy,
* recycling of water while maintaining the safety of users,
* reduction of waste and storage
* air pollution.

Anyone can attend (Wednesday, 9th April 2008, at Reading Town Hall, Blagrave Street, Reading, RG11HQ) bLAGR) the event, the event doesn't cost anything. Optionally, you can watch the event on IET. tv

Annoyingly, you need to click on "events" on top of the page to actally see and register for this event,. The event wasn't on the main page, or at least it wasn't when I registered:-)

Doing Our Bit

I hope this article strike a cord with you.

It's easy to ignore environmental issue (heaven knows, we're all busy people). We can do without the do-gooders and the preaching:-)

It is your World, your environment. There is only one planet Earth. Your World, My World.

Here's wishing you good health and success.

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