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Your Parents Won't Let You Get Your Ears Pierced? Try Stylish Magnetic Earrings

     Do you want your ears pierced but not allowed to do it? Well, there are parents who are quite old-fashioned when it comes to the style or change their children make, especially on piercings. However, for those who love to wear earrings, don't worry because there are ways you can enjoy them without getting pierced.

How is this possible?

Nowadays, almost anything and everything can be made possible. Many companies in the jewelry industry have discovered a way to make life easier by creating these stylish magnetic earrings. This is probably the best way to enjoy and be in the crowd with style and elegance. There are so many types of magnetic earrings. These magnets are small and not very noticeable. They actually look like real earrings once fastened to the ear.

Types of magnetic earrings

The clip version is one alternative to be chosen. This seems to be the more widely used style. For hoops and dangles this clip works without much obstruction. Non dangle earrings are a different story because they are too heavy and do not allow the magnet to close properly.

The next type of earring is the spring style. Comfort is a main priority with this style and they fasten with ease. Hoops are used with this apparatus to help the appearance of realism. People like small accessories in their ears and the stud is the prize. According to user reviews, these do not stay on very long and sometimes are lost. Screw fasteners are used to hold these and are effective.

Another style is the slide and it is often the least expensive. For these types of earrings, you get what you pay for. Consumers want the best product and out of all the styles to be reviewed, the dangle earring is the most popular. These come in two different patterns which include the chandelier and drop earrings. These are the slimmest in design and accessorize with the slightest touch of style. It seems this can be matched with almost everything. Huge earrings are not the way to go in this generation. Magnets sound more affordable, stylish and pretty.

What choice do we need to make the balance?

Earrings have been a trend for a long time. The usage varies from the person's culture or tradition. In United States, ear piercing is something normal for everyone. However, there are still parents who oppose this. So, whether your parents want you to put holes on your ears or not, magnetic earrings are a choice to consider. When using these, you not only obey and respect your parents, but you get the chance to enjoy the beauty of earrings, without getting pierced.

We have proven that style is always a fad in today's society. At least nowadays we know we have a safe alternative. Magnets are practical and easy to adjust too. The costs are affordable for all walks of life and earrings can now be enjoyed by everyone.

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