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Your Grandmother's Cure: Seven Ways To Relieve Your Restless Legs

     Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) is characterized by an irresistible desire to move your legs. The condition frequently occurs when the body is actually at rest or trying to get to sleep. Their legs get the feeling of tingling or tickling and can jerk or kick waking the person up. As a result, many who suffer from this disease are also persistently sleep deprived.

Not all the contributing causes of RLS are completely understood, and to date, there is no cure. However, a number of home remedies can lessen the symptoms experienced by sufferers. What follows are the most well-known restless leg syndrome home remedies.

Malted Milk

For a long time other people have been using Malted milk, such as Horlicks, as a basic a sleeplessness remedy. Some people also think that it assists with RLS. There have been no studies to demonstrate a significant reduction in RLS symptoms from taking malted milk and the evidence remains mainly anecdotal.


Some individuals report that taking cinnamon tablets, or a spoonful of cinnamon powder just before bed can help alleviate their jerking and squirming in bed. If you don't have cinnamon tablets you can mix the cinnamon into a cup full of applesauce or other food to make it easier to try.

Soap In The Bed

There are no academic works to confirm the findings, but some people have found that putting a bar of soap in bed with them will help to ease their twitching at night. It's unclear how the soap in the bed may actually help, but it is fairly harmless to test and see if it might provide you relief.

Tonic Water

Some sufferers relay great success with stopping their restless legs with tonic water. Those people who suffer from a combination of periodic leg movement disorder (PLMD) and RLS may find that the quinine in the tonic water helps ease the leg cramping often related to PLMD.

Stretch Your Legs

Daily stretching can not only assist you with your circulation, balance, and general well-being. It is also a great all-natural home remedy for RLS. Stretching your legs immediately before bed or during an RLS attack can also help reduce the occurrence of nocturnal episodes.

Avoid Stimulants

Diet can affect the sleep patterns of even those who don't struggle with RLS. If you are having trouble sleeping at night, minimizing your consumption of unnecessary refined sugars sometimes helps. Also, cocoa, coffee, tea, and some sodas include caffeine. Tobacco products contain nicotine which can disrupt your sleep. And, of course, over-the-counter energy pills and energy drinks will include other stimulants which can make RLS symptoms more severe

Moderate Exercise

A lot of healthcare professionals and patients believe that light regular exercise helps to diminish the severity of symptoms. However, it's believed that strenuous physical activity can magnify the persistence and severity of RLS attacks. If you are experiencing from frequent nocturnal disturbances, try modifying your exercise routine to include some walks and light stretching.

Summary Of Home Remedies for RLS

For many years conventional home remedies were the only restless leg syndrome treatment choice available for those that lived with RLS. And, in many cases, home remedies are still the best option for people who should not be taking traditional medicinal remedies.

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Abraham Winters studies the effect of natural treatments and home remedies on restless leg syndrome. If interested, more his work can be found at: restless leg sydrome home remedies

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