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Your Clothes Define Your Health

     We all want to look smart and handsome and therefore we buy costly designer apparels which are normally seen on the Hollywood screen or you see it in some magazine. Clothes definitely define who we are because you can easily judge the attitude and the mentality of a person from the kind of clothes he or she is wearing but do you really know that clothes can really impact our health as well. The trend of tight fitting clothes has always remained and therefore people prefer to wear fitting clothes that would not allow their body to breathe freely.

Men are usually the ones who go for tight fitting clothes because they want to show off their muscular body. They definitely look macho in that but too much of tight clothes can damage the skin layers and further deep inside. On the other hand, females who want to make sure that their body looks great often go for tight bras, but they are only meant for fashion reasons and models wear it off only for few minutes while people buy and wear it all the time which adds to the damage.

Some people often checkout the undergarment shows where they see male models coming out with tight briefs which enhances the looks of their penis, but is that really true? Fashion designers themselves claim that whatever they design is made for the sole purpose of making sales and they would not wear the same kind of tight briefs because it would leave red marks or make it too uncomfortable for the person to sit down and stand up. Hence, if you are wearing that tight brief and going to the office you might not be able to do things as freely as you could do with normal comfortable briefs.

Tight jeans are something that is showcase on the Hollywood screen all the time. You see some of the top supermodels wearing tight jeans and flaunting their butts and slim figure, but in reality you are only harming your own body for the sake of fashion. It has been proved by the researchers and health experts that wearing tight jeans can put intense pressure on the muscles in your thighs and can damage the lateral cutaneous nerve. This nerve provides blood to your thighs and legs and wearing tight jeans for a long period of time can reduce the blood flow from your brain to your legs. The results are that you might feel a tingling sensation in your thighs, along with burning pain and numbness.

The condition is also termed as meralgia paresthitica. The condition is more common with people who are obese and suffer some kind of health problem related to skin. In the year 1991, the European Journal of Cancer had claimed that women who wear tight bras all the time are more likely to develop breast cancer, back pain, and to make it worse it can also damage the soft tissues of breast and lead to cysts and swelling of the breast.

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