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Wrinkled Fingers - What Can Cause A Person's Fingers To Be Continually Wrinkled?

     A lot of people have fond memories of playing in the bath as kids, and how our little fingertips would end up being all wrinkled. Now as grown ups, we are not really keen to play in the shower anymore. When we want to splash around in the water, we go for a dip in a swimming pool, or we go to the sea. If you happen to relax in the water for quite a while, you once again end up having wrinkled fingertips. Precisely what causes this to happen, and why does it happen only to your fingertips and your toes?

What Does Technology Have To Say?

For years, people have believed that when your hands and/or feet are submerged in water for a lengthy period of time, some water is soaked up into the outer layers of the epidermis. It was thought that this causes the tips of your fingers and toes to swell. If this was the case, you will in fact end up with wrinkled fingertips because even swelling would be prevented because of connective tissues.

Some people feel it has nothing to do with water getting into the skin, but rather, they are convinced the wrinkles are attributable to temperature discrepancies. After all, heat causes objects to expand, while coldness causes objects to contract. Again, expansion or contraction wouldn't be consistent owing to the underlying connective tissues.

The Million Dollar Question

Whether the above ideas are correct or not remains to be open for debate. Nonetheless, there is one important thing which has had scientists confused since the mid 1930s. Fingertip wrinkling Will Not occur with individuals who have nerve damage in their fingers or toes. Even with nerve damage, water would still be able to enter the skin, and temperature alterations would still cause expansion and contraction.

The Evolutionary Theory

Mark Changizi, an evolutionary neurobiologist from Idaho in the United States put forth one more theory following a study which he and his associates carried out in 2011. In a nutshell, the study found that creased tips of your fingers enhance a person's grip in wet conditions. This might be compared to the treads of wheels - smooth tires allow fantastic grip on dry roads, but minimal grip on wet roads.

Wrinkly Fingers And Your Health

There are a lot of theories which say that particular health factors could perhaps cause the tips of your fingers to be constantly wrinkled, but it's worth mentioning that these theories are lacking credible evidence. Despite a lack of evidence, it has been observed though that perpetually puckered fingertips are widespread among individuals who suffer from thyroid problems.

Wrinkly Fingertips And Skin Skin Lotions

The overwhelming majority of individuals that frequently have wrinkly fingertips find that a very good skin moisturizer can be quite effective at stopping this. Nevertheless, it's not uncommon for certain moisturizers to make the wrinkling worse. If this happens, it's probably because your skin is sensitive to a few chemical compounds in the moisturizer you are using, considering that many brand name moisturizing creams include a lot of different chemicals. Before giving up on moisturizing creams, check out a good "all-natural" one for a week or two to determine if there is any improvement.

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