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World Of Manga Animation

     The world of manga animation is limitless without any boundaries of age, education, religion or sex. What matters most is the passion and drive to watch and draw.

That is what most manga artistes and fans wanting to learn thinks. But as they go deeper, they soon discovered they have different likes, styles and techniques in drawing very much like famous ones like Yoshiyuki Tomino, Haruhiko Mikimoto and Kia Asamiya for their Gundam, Macross and Silent Mobius animated series and movies.

In each of those series, you will see how it resembles real people dramas. The way they look at situations, people and how they go about managing them.

Most of them are based on reality - the scenarios we used to be in our daily lives even in fantasy and science-fiction shows. Same goes for computer and video games.

Originally manga animation is only made for Japanese in creators' minds as they too are Japanese. After their World War II defeat and surrender, they isolated themselves from the rest of the world to avoid being condemned for their atrocities during their occupation of some countries.

Manga is their primary ricebowl and getaway from the bad situations they are in.

Though word has it that their animation works is inspired by Western culture, I beg to differ as most of what they have done is based on their beliefs and cultures.

In fact, it is the other way round as the Americans made the first move to propose joint venture with them. It is quite ironic that they and not other countries are impressed with their early manga drawings despite being the ones to force their surrender by bombarding their Hiroshima and Nagasaki cities.

It started off with simple drawings on used and recycled cardboards as paper becomes scarce due to their depleted resources. But being creative and innoviative, they did their best by further developing those drawings to make them look real and appealing.

Think Astro Boy, Go Go Speedracer and Tekkaman as their earliest works. While the Americans created their superheros francise with everyone else following suit, the Japanese developed their own brand.

Though they have their own superheros like Ultraman and Masked Rider, their robot animation series are the ones that stood out.

Mobile Suit Gundam, Macross, Transformers and Votoms are 4 of the very best.

Except Transformers which involved the war between 2 races of robots namely Autobots and Decepticons, the other featured humans defending themselves against alien invasion.

The common weapons used are giant humanoid robots driven by human and alien pilots as well as battlecruisers which served as hangar bay to park those robots.

There are also fantasy animation such as King Arthur, World Of Llyosis and Dragonball. The drawings of dragons, demons, monsters and surroundings are just as impressive.

Besides series and movies, the Japanese also manufactured toys. The huge bulk of those are Gundam, Macross and Transformers.

While the first two are model assembly kits whereby you need to remove and fit the pieces into one super robot, the latter is cooler with robots transforming into vehicles, jets, animals, weapons and even combining into a bigger super robot.

They have an annual toy festival which they held in Tokyo Convention Centre where they featured all those toys.

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If you are a manga fan like me but still struggle to draw, please feel free to check out my site on How To Draw Manga. But should you find drawing by hand to be time consuming and tedious, you might consider Manga Studio to automate the whole process without compromising the quality of your drawings.

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