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Why You Shouldn't Download Illegal Movies

     If you download illegal movies, music or games, you could soon find yourself in trouble. Most illegal movie downloads are carried out using P2P, or peer to peer file sharing software that enables the user to download not only movies, but also games and music because each of these involves file types that can be passed along from one computer to another.

In order to understand why so many people use this type of software to access illegal movies it is necessary first to know how the principle works and why so many people find it so easy to use in breaking the law this way. File sharing systems operate generally on fairly simple networking technology that is not itself illegal - it is the way it is used that breaks the law, and even then only because of copyright factors involving the material being distributed.

In fact, P2P software is used by those that have a need to distribute their music or movie-making talents free to the world, such as new artists that want to get known by offering their work free online or even by businesses that use the technology to distribute business files to those provided by the necessary software and access passwords.

In order to download illegal movies, however, all you need do is make a payment for access to the necessary software, generally on anything from a one-year membership to lifetime access, and then you can download as many movies, music tracks or games files as you like without further payment.

As long as the files you download are not protected by copyright, your downloads are legal, but if they are so protected then you will not only download illegal movies but also illegal audio files and games files. You can also download software using the same system.

How Does File Sharing Work?

When you register to use P2P file sharing software to download illegal movies or any other files that are protected by copyright, the actual software itself will more than likely be free shareware. What you are paying for are enhancements to speed up the download speed to an acceptable level, and also support and other additions such as burning software that enables you to burn the music or movie files to CD or DVD. You are also paying for any updates available for the basic software, if any.

When you fire up the software, you are offered a search box you can use to enter the name of the movie or music track, actor or artist or name of the game you are searching for. The software then scans the hard disks of each member that is currently online and offers you choices of files that meet your search criteria.

The results could be different works with the same title, and movies or songs from different studios or singers/bands. You are provided with the number of members with each version on their disk, and also the quality of the various files. You make your choice, select a directory on your own hard disk where you want to save the files, and then start downloading - the more members holding your choice the faster it will download, and the same holds true for the quality of recording.

Do Not Download Illegal Movies

P2P file sharing software should not be used to download illegal movies, otherwise known as bootleg movies. It is very easy to do so, and not easy to detect, but good software should be able to warn you that you are about to do so, and you would have to make a conscious decision to do so.

Although prosecutions are rare in relation to the number of illegal movie downloads made, the fines can be large and in any case there is really no need to do so. It is just as easy to download movies legally from DVD sites.

Legal Movie Downloads

Apart from the possibility of legal movie downloads by using the same file sharing software to download public domain movies, there are also legal download sites that do not rely on P2P file sharing technology.

You can find membership sites online that offer a very wide choice of downloadable movies from pre-approved DVDs, the copyright of which has been laid aside for that particular purpose. Some of these websites offer a choice of thousands of approved DVDs that can be legally downloaded, with no limit to the number you can download, and with the burning software required already available on-site.

The same is true for music sites and also many games sites are available that offer games downloads. These are all 100% legal movie downloads and music downloads for which you can make one single membership payment, and then download just as you do when you download illegal movies

The Napster Weakness

Although the original Napster file sharing system did not enable users to download illegal movies, it did let them download MP3 music files in which it specialized. However, unlike direct peer to peer systems as described above, Napster operated through a central server, so that the downloads passed from the providing computer to the Napster server and then on to the accepting computer.

This rendered Napster very easy to track down, and it was because of this that the firm was caught trading in illegal downloads of copyright material and put out of business. However, Napster agreed to switch their business to legal paid trading of copyright MP3 tracks, which is why it is still in business today.

Today's illegal trading sites are not so easy to track down because they are truly peer to peer with no intermediate sever, although if the music and movie studios were really serious about it they should not find it difficult - after all, those that still use such software don't find it difficult. Lime ware is a case in point, where the free Limewire P2P software has been forced to go offline.

P2P File Sharing is Not Illegal

Nevertheless, the software itself is not illegal, just the way it is used, and it is that which is not always easy to prove. It is still possible to download illegal movies, but trading in such bootleg movies is well known now to be illegal, and the easiest way to avoid prosecution is not to do it! If you do not download illegal movies then you will not be breaking the law - simple!

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It is unlawful in most countries to Download Illegal Movies, and for more information on how to avoid this and how the software works, check out Pete's website Online Free Movies where you will also finds legal movie download sites where you can use file sharing to download movies, music and games all 100% legally.

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