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Why You Should Not Skip By The Arts & Crafts Aisle

     The next time you go shopping with your friends or family, you should take a little extra time to glance through the different kinds of supplies they have for arts and crafts. Most people think that you have to be someone who has a hobby related to arts and crafts in order to be interested in the supplies that are available there. Other people think those kinds of items are only useful if you have kids. However, many of the items you will find in that aisle can be useful for many other things and a foam board is one of them.

Foam boards can be used for quite a lot of different things around your home or even in the office. The boards are similar to poster board but they are a lot more durable because of the small amount of Styrofoam that is between the two pieces of paper. It is the Styrofoam that makes the board so much more useful than just a piece of sturdy paper. One of the things that make the board so versatile is that you can do almost anything with it or to it. It reacts well to most types of glue except for super glue and you can use tape or even staples to attach things to it. Many people use push pins to hang signs from the board too.

These days, there are also many different kinds of boards available. The thickness of the board can be anywhere from 1/14" to several inches and if you are willing to go to the right store or order online, you can find boards in any color that you may need too. Since the board is more rigid than paper, you can make them stand up independently. All you have to do is tape two boards together. The tape acts as the joint and as long as the two boards are even on the bottom, they will stand up all by themselves. You can also have the same effect with a single board if you cut it. You have to be careful though to only cut through one of the sides of the paper and just a little bit of the Styrofoam. Then you can bend the board along the cut to make it stand up.

Using these foam boards for a display is one of the popular uses for it. It is almost essential to use them if you are getting ready for any type of school project like a science fair, a garage sale or even a display for a trade show or flea market. One very popular use is to provide the backing for a picture that is being framed. However, you do, have to be careful to use an acid-free version of the board if this is your plan.

A lesser known use for these boards is to use them as insulation. If you have easy access to the area you want to insulate, the board can easily be cut to be an exact fit. A great example is if you have an upstairs window that needs insulated for the winter.

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Stewart Wrighter usually buys his children's foam board online.

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