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Why You Should Consider Reusable Bags Instead Of Paper Or Plastic

     How many times have you gone to the store and been asked "paper or plastic"? Depending upon your age, the answer is either hundreds or even thousands of times. Now think about the fact that each time you were asked this question, you went home with paper or plastic store bags that you probably did not use again. That is potentially thousands of bags that had to be produced just so you could carry home your groceries. If you had made the choice to use reusable bags when you were first asked this question, think about how much of a difference that could have made.

If you are like most people, you have a stash of bags in your pantry or in one of your cupboards. Even though you may sometimes use them for trash bags, you still always have way more than you could ever hope to use. In fact, you are probably annoyed every time you see these bags in your closet because they mostly just take up space and are a nuisance.

If you are still unsure about the kind of impact it could have to switch to bags that are reusable, gather up all of the bags you have in your house. Then count them. Chances are that you have 20 -- 40 bags in your house. If you have not recycled them for a while, maybe you have 100 bags. Now imagine what that pile would look like if you multiplied that total over the number of years you will continue to buy groceries and need something to carry them home in. As an example, let us multiply the volume by 50 years. If you keep getting new bags from the grocery store for the next 50 years, think about how many bags you will be responsible for having to be created.

Do you think it would have a positive effect on the environment if that volume of bags did not need to be produced just for you? It would save the materials needed to make the bags, and it would also save the electricity and power that is needed to recycle the bags. Now think about all of the people you know. While it would be great if everyone you knew would make the switch to bags that could be reused, but unfortunately that is not likely to happen. But does not it seem possible that half of the people you know might make this switch? Let us say you know 25 people who also make the choice not use new paper or plastic bags. Imagine all of those bags stacked up in your kitchen for the next 50 years.

Does not it seem like spending a couple of dollars to get bags that you can take with you to the store each time is a better idea than making all of those bags to be produced? Yes, the paper and plastic bags can be recycled, but they still require a certain amount of new material to be produced. And it still takes energy to recycle them. All of that could be avoided if you make the switch to bags that can be reused.

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Stewart Wrighter recently purchased several cases of custom reusable bags for a fundraiser at his restaurant. He ordered several cases of custom store bags with his restaurant's logo printed on it.

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