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Why You NEED an Upsell the Funnel?

     If you’re marketing your business online and it’s a direct marketing style promotion, i.e. you’re not just branding… you need an upsell funnel.

The ideal scenario is where you sell them (in a good way with your excellent sales copy techniques) to buy your front end product. Make that the best sales pitch in the entire funnel because if you can get them excited about the product they’re getting at first, it will be much easier to offer “complementary” products afterwards.

Front end products are typically priced lower, starting as low as a $1.00 trial offer to be re-billed $X amount, or up to $97. Anything higher is not typical of a front end product (I know, I know… in the IM world you see $997 product launches all day – the reasons that works is typically those are sold through endorsed JV mailings where you typically trust the person who’s recommending it, I’m talking mainly about cold traffic).

You ideally want to have 2 to 3 upsells. In my experience, anything more is overkill. You want to position the next upsells at the perfect complement to what they just purchased. It’s important that you position it like that because if you don’t, the customer will feel taken for a ride because they just invested in something and now they need to buy this “other thing” to make it work. Position it right, and you’ll have many upsell sales. Position it wrong, and you’ll get refunds for your front end sale.

You might be thinking… “What if I don’t have an upsell Fabricio?”

No problem. They’re easy to create. If you don’t really have a product already made that is in the same niche market, then you can interview experts on the niche topic and bundle those up and have an upsell. Or even better, you can take the front end product (if it’s an info product) and put it up on a PowerPoint. Take out the highlights of the eBook and talk about them.

Converting it to a video will add another dimension, and if you’re knowledgeable on the topic, you can add additional value that was not there before (assuming you did not write the front end product).

So upsell 1 should not be a problem. I’ve had success with pricing upsell 1 somewhere around double what my front end offer is. I’ve also had great success pricing it a little cheaper than the initial front end offer when the front end was priced at $97… the upsell 1 was $47. The take rate was amazingly high.

Upsell 2 can be another product (same as above, bundle interviews together, etc.) or it could be your time. If you’re knowledgeable on the topic and it’s something that someone would want to consult you with, then why not offer your time for a nice discount. Sell 2 hours on the phone for $197 or something. And don’t worry, if you think you only know a little, in my opinion, you’re an expert if you know just a little more than the person you’re taking too. If you think you can deliver some value, then it’s worth it.
Upsell 3 and beyond can be a larger home study course, or you can swap this with upsell 2 and have your time be upsell 3.

Don’t forget about downsells. You can always downsell them if they say no to your upsells. Just be sure you’re able to take something out of your upsell to justify the downsell.

Lastly, you’ll need to find a shopping cart that will work with upsells. There are plenty out there after the demand of internet marketers filtered the online waves.

Hopefully you don’t go out there without an upsell. And if you’re pricing your initial product for more than $97 using non JV traffic, then think again. Sure you might be making sales, but that product might be better suited for an upsell, and put together a high quality front end offer to get more people in the upsell funnel.

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To YOUR Massive Success,
Fabricio Cruz

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