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Why the Spine #1

     In a way it is kind of funny, though it is confusing, exasperating and, if we let ourselves think about it, it can also become downright frightening. What I’m talking about are the answers we get when we seek help. Whether it is for our health, a personal problem, a spiritual dilemma, or advice about our plumbing, the answer we get is going to depend on the education, mindset, and prejudice of the individual we are asking.

Ask a medical doctor what we should do about our lower back pain and we will likely get something about pain pills, traction or surgery. Ask the same thing of an acupuncturist and we get needles, a nutritionist and we get a diet, a dentist and we get the relationship between the pain and tension we are experiencing and our teeth and jaws. Then, of course, there is the chiropractor. No matter how much more knowledgeable a chiropractor has about our back, his or her answer is going to depend on his or her chosen discipline. We might be told that our pain is coming from the positioning of our neck, or how we use our feet – but then again it could also be one of the many probable causes lying in-between the two.

Who we see determines what we do, or at least it does if we can afford what they are suggesting and can get ourselves to accept what they are offering. Actually, when it comes to the latter, pain creates desperation, and desperation creates a rather gullible mind, meaning that we are likely to accept anything if it comes with the promise, ‘the pain will be gone’.

It is a promise that demonstrates two very important truths about our health (these are truths that just as easily relate to every other facet of our life as well).

Number one: There are many ways to get to where we want to be. All the suggestions and all the techniques in the world of health care are being offered for one very curious reason – they work. When the lower back says ‘ouch’, we can rub, twist, medicate, exercise, or eat something and, regardless of what we have chosen; it is likely that the pain will be vanquished. If the pain remains – typically we just try something else. Sooner or later, somewhat like buying a lottery ticket, we are going to find a technique or action that brings us the changes we seek.

Number two: Seeking the right cure, fix or solution points out the second truth – We don’t have a clue as to what we are doing. This is especially evident when the issue doesn’t respond. For some there is a somewhat stubborn adherence to the same approach as each successive effort brings the same unfulfilling results. For others, there is the parade of techniques and physicians, as they become the quintessential expert on their condition or problem.

Not knowing why everything relates to, or influences, everything else is likely the reason most of us are unable to answer why is it that so many diverse approaches can cause the same outcome. Yet, at the same time, this same lack of knowing leads us to the answer of the far more important question that asks, “Why is it that, when we find ourselves with some sort of difficulty, our first reaction is to ask another for assistance?”

Not knowing the why of a thing drives the curious mind to seek an answer. However, each answer is (as it was likely designed to be) based on the perspective of the individual doing the searching.

With life’s foundations a mystery, evolving theories tend to come from relationships and interactions we think we know. This gives us answers and explanations; however, it also means that many of our supporting theories come from a mechanism, interaction, or relationship that has at its core a determining factor unknown to us. Any theory created in this manner (and they all are) must rely on some degree of subjective interpretation.

This means we all get to make up our own story as to what is happening. Sometimes our stories agree and sometimes they don’t. Yet it is almost a certainty a number of the actions resulting from our different interpretations are going to cause similar responses in our body as well as our life. From our differences comes a sameness that is seldom understood.

There is no shortage of assumed knowledge, theories, and concepts – that’s why there are so many approaches, techniques, and answers. In fact, there are so many things to choose from we have all become convinced that only the experts could possibly have the answer. This is the reason we seek outside of ourselves when circumstances and situations are not the way we want them.

Our lack of knowing has created of plethora of knowledge that has quite likely prevented us from addressing our health and life in the manner nature originally intended. There’s also the likelihood that all this supposed knowing is the underlying reason theories with the greatest political or financial backing are the theories most accepted. When all truths can be questioned, does it really matter which is on top?

The latter thought I find fun to think about, however, it really is irrelevant. Knowing that we don’t know is the key here. Once we can grasp that, then the door to a deeper understanding, and perhaps a better way, seems to automatically open. When it does, one of the first things everyone (passing through the resulting opening) is struck by is how all these answers we have been searching for have always been there.

It’s just that we have been looking in the wrong direction. Everything we need to know lies within us. Granted, it is often deeply buried, however, when we look at life from its energetic nature (currently considered life’s basic foundation) we begin to understand why and how all things relate to all things.

It is a perspective that answers many a question, explaining, as it does, the reason techniques either work or don’t, why a thing can be approached from so many different angles and why it is that our first step with any desired change is always ours alone to make.

It is also a perspective that gives us cause to ponder concepts and relationships seldom considered. For instance, when the energetic nature of life is factored in, what we think comes to the forefront as perhaps the most important thing in our life. Every thought forms a pattern to which our body and life must adapt. It is an adaptation that is never random or unfair and, as a matter of fact, when our thoughts are consciously paid attention to, the adaptations, as well as the resulting situations and circumstances become as easily predictable as they are changeable. Our life and health have structure and potential, and yet whatever happens is always ours to choose.

An energetic perspective makes life knowable, yet it remains up to us to make life tolerable. It is for this reason that I have spent most of my life searching for the easiest and simplest way to help everyone create a life that is not only fun, but also filled with health and happiness.

It was during this search that I stumbled over one of the biggest surprises of my life. I had been a chiropractor for a few years and considered my knowledge of the spine somewhat complete. I knew the bones, muscles, joint and nerves. I knew the impact of misalignment, the cause of degeneration and, more importantly, I knew how to fix what wasn’t right.

So it was a shock when I discovered that the spine was not so much a mechanical structure as it was a link between the person we believe ourselves to be and life’s foundation (the energetic nature of everything). This system of bones, muscles and nerves is a link that molds to our thoughts as it determines the physical aspects of our health and life. With every thought it shifts and changes, with every reaction it adapts and aligns and yet its nature is to command the physical, influence the mental and always be a part of the neurological. It is a system that is more alive than perhaps any other aspect of our physical self, and yet it is a system we think of only as tower that affects our nerves and holds us upright.

Discovering the true nature of the spinal column changed my life. It changed the way I was to help others, and eventually it caused me to set aside my practice for a keyboard. Yet my life’s purpose remains the same. The goal is simply to help everyone get to the point where they can help themselves. With the Spine Tuner System (see and the knowledge within the Secrets of the Spine (see still being developed) I have a good beginning. There will be books and other tools. However, for now, there is also this blog. So let me continue explaining not so much the true nature of our spine (that’s already been written about in the Secrets of the Spine) but, instead, how it is that the spine is the most important part of our life. I call this series “Why the Spine?”

Stay tuned – every Saturday for the next entry of this series.

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Forty years ago, I began to learn about the thoughts, things and theories that opened the door to this knowledge. What I have discovered has led to the development of techniques and concepts that has given thousands of others the opportunity to help themselves become healthier.

In order to share this knowledge with as many people as possible, I decided to write about what I had learned. Four years later, with four books complete and one more about to be finished, I have come to the re

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