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Why Take Pole Dancing Classes?

     Pole dancing classes are a great way to get into shape and to enjoy yourself, and they are something that anyone can enjoy. Largely pole dancing classes are thought of as being something for women only, but while this is generally the case, they can even be enjoyed by men thanks to the amount of fitness and health benefits that they require.

While pole dancing might not look like something you'd associate with great strength and athleticism, actually it is incredibly physically taxing and requires a huge amount of upper body strength and muscle control. Pole dancing requires so much strength because of many of the moves that involve swinging around poles and lifting yourself up into the air as you do. Using your hands only you will often be required to suspend yourself in the air, to climb up the pole, or to suspend yourself while spinning. If you remember gym class from when you were younger and thought that climbing the rope was hard, then climbing a pole is just as difficult and requires all of that same strength. At the same time you also train your legs a lot too as often you will use these to hold yourself up, often dangling upside down as well as to run and build up the momentum to spin around the pole several times. This makes it a great full body workout that doesn't require any equipment other than a pole.

Using bodyweight training of any kind is an incredibly good way to get into shape for several reasons. One reason though is that it doesn't tax the body too much and that it gets gradually harder as you get stronger. The reason for this is that muscle is heavier than fat, and so as you get strong enough to raise yourself on the bar, it gets harder. This also means that you are able to pull off more ambitious moves as you get better at pole dancing so that you are able to continue to challenge yourself. Some of the things you end up doing can be jaw-dropping if you get good. And it also means you don't have to worry about the state of your body if you don't look like someone who should be pole dancing now then you will by the time you're finished! It's a perfect way to build confidence and to come out of your shell too then.

On top of all this is the fact that it is incredibly fun. Unlike normal dancing you will be raised off the air for periods of time and spinning around at high speeds it can feel almost as though you're flying and you might find you don't want to come down. At the same time pole dancing lessons will mean you're practising with a group of like-minded people and it's a great way to meet new friends.

And if that wasn't enough, pole dancing is also highly sexy and will make you feel highly attractive. For women in particular you can be sure that your husband or partner will encourage the hobby too...

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My wife recently joined her friends at a birthday party which begun with group pole dancing classes where she learned that many girls take pole dancing lessons mostly for fun and fitness.

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