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Why is Laser Tattoo Removal Better than Other Tattoo Removal Treatments?

     The art of tattooing on a body has always been in fashion. In the past, it used to a part of the culture in many tribes. But nowadays, people love to get tattoos on their bodies as a fashion. With the increasing trend of tattooing in the past decade, you may find that every one out of five people will have a tattoo on their body. According to statistics, women tend to have tattoos more than men.

But even with their growing popularity, it has been observed that about 20% of people who get tattoos are not satisfied with them. They regret their decision at some point in their lives for one reason or another. Usually they feel like it is an ugly scar on their body. Whether it is because of the change in their lifestyle or just a result of the bad decision, many of them look for ways to hide it afterwards.

There are several obstacles that a person may face and one of them is the fear of pain. Many techniques have been introduced in the past to remove the tattoos and they were not only painful but also resulted in leaving a permanent scar on the body. Such techniques include the procedure called dermabrasion, excision and salabrasion. In dermabrasion, the skin is peeled off with the help of rotating abrasive instrument whereas excision is a surgical procedure where the tattoo area is removed and then the surrounding skin is sutured together. However, salabrasion is one of the ancient techniques that are used to remove the tattoo by dipping the abrading instrument, such as a wooden block wrapped in gauze, in salt water and abrade the area vigorously. Although these procedures are performed under local anesthesia but they all cause permanent scarring and a long healing period.

Unlike the procedures mentioned above, laser tattoo removal treatment is the newly developed technique that has recently become popular and is considered as one of the most common techniques used for tattoo removal. Because of its effective result, more and more people are adopting this method. It is least invasive and offers improved & desirable results. The procedure involves exposing the tattoo area to the laser beam which passes through the top skin layer and destroys the color pigment of the tattoo in the deeper layer. The laser then breaks the color ink of the tattoo into small particles which is eventually absorbed by beams and it causes the tattoo to be completely removed successfully. The procedure is customized based on the size of the tattoo and the chemical formula of the colors used in the tattoos. The laser does not cause any damage to the skin but you need to attend all the sessions for the desirable results.

It usually takes a series of 3 to 4 sessions that goes up to 10 sessions. It is necessary to attend all the sessions in order to get the desirable results. This is a painless procedure and involves no risk of damaging the skin or leaving any scars on the body. With the help of this procedure, the tattoo can be traced with great precision by ensuring that area of the skin where there is no tattoo, stays unaffected. This procedure is known as the "Golden Standard" because it causes minimal scarring and has fewer side effects if any. The side effects include irritation on the skin, redness of skin and temporary swelling. But these side effects can be treated successfully with proper care and caution.

Therefore it is necessary to get the treatment done from the certified institutes and hospitals where experienced and qualified surgeons are using these techniques for a number of years and providing successful and desirable results to their patients.

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Laser tattoo houston treatment is the successful and most widely used treatment to remove the unwanted tattoo from your body. Its reliability has increased even more in the recent times because of the effective results it has produced

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