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Why Have Green Cars Been Developed

     Green Cars:
A green vehicle or environmentally friendly vehicle or echo vehicle is nothing but a road motor vehicle which produces less harmful impacts to the environment than comparable traditional engine vehicles running on gasoline, diesel, or one that uses certain alternative fuels. Presently, in some countries the term Green Car or echo friendly car is used for any vehicle complying or surpassing the more stringent European emission standards (such as Euro6), or California's zero emissions vehicle standards (such as ZEV, ULEV,SULEV, PZEV), or the low-carbon fuel standards enacted in several countries.
Green vehicles are not run by conventional fossil fuel; rather it is powered by alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies. By alternative fuel vehicles we mean hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, battery electric vehicles, compressed-air vehicles, hydrogen and fuel-cell vehicles, neat ethanol vehicles, flexible-fuel vehicles, natural gas vehicles, clean diesel vehicles etc. There are also some sources also include vehicles using blends of biodiesel and ethanol fuel or gasohol.

Why Have Green Cars Been Developed?

Many people consider their car an essential part of everyday life. However, cars are major polluters and cause damage to our natural environment. In today’s day of Global warming and environmental pollution, green or eco friendly cars are usually much more environment friendly as they have less pollutant emissions and use sustainable fuel resources.
A traditional car works using an internal combustion engine which burns fuel to create motion. Fuel is a fossil fuel which means it is non renewable and will one day run out. The burning of fossil fuel results in the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases have been proven to contribute to the effect of global warming.

On top of this, fuel is created from crude oil. Crude oil is not only a non renewable resource which will one day run out, the production of oil is also highly dangerous for the natural environment. Oil spills, such as the BP Deepwater Horizon Disaster oil spill in 2010, destroys natural habitats and kills wildlife.

Green vehicles include different vehicles types which usually works fully or partly on alternative energy sources other than conventional fuel with less carbon intensive than petrol or diesel.

Here are the types:
•Electric and fuel cell-powered
•Hybrid electric vehicles
•Compressed air cars, stirling vehicles, and others
•Improving conventional cars

Benefits of green vehicle use
As oil is a limited resource it will eventually run out one day and become unavailable. The green car removes this worry as it is not dependent on gasoline at all and run by alternative fuel.

Carbon and sulfur emissions are greatly reduced in hybrid cars and eliminated altogether in electric cars. Reducing toxic emissions means cleaner air and a healthier environment. By using biodiesel or ethanol in place of gasoline for hybrid cars, drivers can reduce their vehicle’s toxic emissions by as much as 97 percent.

Main benefit of having a hybrid or electric car is obviously the increase in fuel costs. Owning either one will result in fewer trips to the gas pump.

•Tax Benefits:
The government offers a tax deduction for buying an eco-friendly car.

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