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Why Employ The Use Of Laser Hair Removal Procedure

     Laser hair removal was first experimentally done approximately twenty years ago before it was made commercially available during the mid 1990s. The efficacy of this technique made it famous among the dermatologists thus it being practiced in various clinics and also resulted in the home use devices designed for consumers self treatment. This technique is a clinical procedure which uses the intense pulsating light beam to eliminate the unwanted curls on your body.

This FDA approved technique has been used by dermatologists since 1997. Although it has become popular because of its efficacy and speed, its efficacy depends on the experience and skills of the operator plus the choice and the availability of various techniques for this procedure. Some of the procedures will need a touch-up treatment after the first set of three to eight treatments especially when done on a large area.

FDA defines permanent reduction as a stable reduction of the number curls re-growing after a specific treatment regime. Many patients experience re-growth on the treated surface years after undergoing their last treatment.

The principle behind this technique is the selective photothermolysis which involves matching a specified light wavelength plus pulse duration to get an optimum effect on the targeted tissue with very minimum effect on the surrounding tissue. This causes localized damage by heating the selected dark matter (melanin) in the targeted surface which initiates curls growth while not affecting the other parts of the skin. The light gets absorbed by the dark object while the laser energy gets absorbed by the dark material within the skin.

The dark matter can be introduced into the body or occur naturally. Melanin is the primary chromophore for every technique used to eliminate hair. There are two types of melanin in the body, the pheomelanin which is responsible for the red or blonde color and the Eumelanin which is responsible for the black or brown color.

The selective absorption of the laser light photons makes it possible for this technique to eliminate only brown and black hair. This technique works best with very dark and coarse curls, the dark curls and light skin are the perfect combination for a successful and effective treatment. Some new laser devices are able to eliminate dark hair on individuals with a dark skin.

This curls removal technique works fast and is very safe for both the patient and the dermatologist. After only some few treatments, the patient experiences some curls loss. Although laser hair removal technique is popular among many dermatologist, some people do not react to this technique. The main cause of this is the choice of device to use, if the parameters of the device are very low then the patient will not experience any curl loss.

Eliminating your curl using tweezers, waxing and shaving is very effective, but for a short while, since they grows back after roughly three to seven days, while the electrolysis technique is very painful as it works on one follicle at a time. So the best effective and painless technique to use is the laser hair removal.

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