I'm sorry, are we missing the point?

Automobiles are the most expensive and most destructive means of transit. So why are people not"> Why Don't We Stimulate the Environment? | ABC Article Directory
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Why Don't We Stimulate the Environment?

     Can we afford for these jobs to be lost? That's the question that everyone is asking as we try to save the economy by providing money to the car manufactures.

I'm sorry, are we missing the point?

Automobiles are the most expensive and most destructive means of transit. So why are people not using municipal transit more often?

Here are 2 central reasons:

Control: Public transit is not as handy as a personal automobile. With Public transportation I have to change my timetable to fit that of the transportation system. I do not have the independence to travel as easily as in an automobile. Additionally, a expedition on Municipal transportation usually takes longer than in a car.

Image: For the most part, the automobile manufactures are not selling transportation solutions. That may seem odd, but if you watch their promotions judiciously you will realize that they are marketing an appearance. Almost none of the commercials show how a automobile can transport you. They are about how the vehicle makes you feel and how your family will think a lot of you.

It's clear that we need to make some alterations in our lives for our natural environment. We want to get everyone to make different choices by advocating Public transit. We are now faced with a chance - the automobile sector is failing. We could take advantage, but we just don't have enough courage to make the changes.

We reason that we can't allow people to lose their jobs or their investments so we fund an environmentally destructive practice because of political expediency. After all, any political leader that allows that many individuals to lose their jobs would surely lose the next election.

But as often is the situation, it does not have to be an 'either or'attitude. We can make compromises, change our approach, and make enhancements for both the environment and the economy.

What if the stimulus money that is being injected into the ailing car manufactures was instead planned for municipal transit projects? What if we enhanced municipal transit so that it did become convenient and comfortable? What if we assisted the auto sector staff apply their existing skill sets to transportation projects?

What if we used those companies that make automobiles and car parts to make public transit beneficial rather than supporting them so they can market their products just for an appearance?

We‚€™ve an opportunity for to make a difference here. Why are we continuing to force money into an business that damages the natural surroundings and is proving itself to be economically impractical? I would recommend it is because of politics, but politics never protected the environment.

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