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Why Do You Need Butt Injection?

     Plastic surgeries are the most popular surgeries in today's world. It is like a complete makeover for the people who are not satisfied with their looks and want to change the things they don't like in their body. There are various types of plastic surgeries available like breast & butt enhancement, face lift surgery, thighs augmentation, nose implants and so on. Popular among these surgeries nowadays is Butt Augmentation.

There are two ways of having butt augmentation. One is through Butt Implant Surgery and Second through Butt Injection. In the buttock implant surgery, the plastic surgeons make the incision of about two to three inches long in the buttock area. The implant is then inserted through these incisions under each Gluteus Maximus (a buttock muscle that makes up the major portion of the shape of the buttocks). This procedure takes about two hours and is usually performed under general anesthesia. It takes about a month or two to recover after the surgery. The procedure is very painful and unhealthy at the same time because in case of butt implants, the patient experience severe pain and sometimes infections during the recovery period. The recovery period is very long as compared to other surgical procedures and the infection can cause a lot of damage instead of doing any good to your body. You are also prescribed medication during the period that may have an unavoidable side effect.

On the other hand, during Butt Injection a fat is removed from the donor site in the patient's body through small liposuction procedure and is injected at different points in the buttock. During Buttock Augmentation by Butt or Fat Injection, the plastic surgeons perform a mild liposuction procedure to remove fat cells from the patient's own body, particularly from the thighs, back and abdomen area and inject those cells into different points in the patient's buttock. As the procedure consists of removing the fat from other parts of the patient's body and into the buttock area, it provides an additional body sculpting effect as it reduces the fat from the areas where it is not wanted.

Because the donor cells belong to the patient's own body, Butt Augmentation through Fat or Butt Injection carries no risk of rejecting the implanted cell as the cells are not the foreign material. The recovery period of the Butt Injection is much quicker and the healing process is less severe than the Butt Implants. The patients are able to be back on their normal routine and return to work in a couple of days. And they resume their regular activities in a maximum of two weeks' time. It is a less invasive procedure and this is the reason why is preferred by many people who want to reshape themselves. It helps you maintain your body posture just the way you want and gives you a natural look at the same time. It boosts your beautiful looks and makes you feel more confident about yourself.

Butt enhancement through Fat Injection or Butt Injection gives you less scarring as compared to Butt implant where a long incision is made to insert the implant in the buttocks. During the Butt Injection, incision areas are smaller and heal quickly. There is not a chance that your body will reject the fat cells as it is the part of your own body.

Buttock augmentation by fat injection is generally lower risk and it results in more consistent & natural looking body. However, the effective communication between you and your surgeon is very important because your surgeon must be able to understand what you want and should be able to help you deliver what's best for you. You, on the other hand, should take appropriate measures recommended by your doctors in order to get the desirable and long lasting results.

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Butt injections Houston is generally lower risk and it results in more consistent & natural looking body. It is less invasive and is preferred by many people who want to reshape themselves while still looking natural at the same

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