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Who is Your Spa Coach?

     6 Steps to achieve success through coaching

Coaching is no longer limited to sports. Over 80% of Fortune 500 companies provide professional coaching to their management team. Through coaching, companies and individuals increase profits, grow market shares, and achieve greater success!

If you wish to succeed in business and build a high performance team, you must be a coach.

The next time you are watching a basketball or a football game, notice how similar the responsibilities are of a sports head coach and a spa director/head coach. Spa professionals can learn many useful strategies from the sports coaching model.

Behind every great team is a great coach!

Who is the head coach for your organization? Who is coaching your team to excellence?

Professional sports teams spend millions of dollars developing their coaching business models. They are time tested and have proven to be effective. Let's explore the sports coaching model and discover which components can be applied to your spa coaching model.

1. TEAM - Sports Coaching Model

The first thing you should notice about a sports organization is that they call their personnel a "TEAM." An acronym for TEAM is "Together Everyone Achieves More"

TEAM - Spa Coaching Model In the spa industry, most spa operators call their personnel "STAFF." It is time to replace the word staff with TEAM! Become a TEAM with a name and an identity. Instill unity, promote teamwork and purpose within your team, and together everyone will achieve more!

2. Structure - Sports Coaching Model

Now that you have a team, it is time for team structure. The sports model has players, team leaders, assistant coaches, support personnel, a marketing and sales team, operations team, and of course, a head coach. Each person has a clear position description and definition, responsibilities and accountabilities, with a goal and a mission to win games.

Structure - Spa Coaching Model

The spa head coach must detail the spa team structure and define each team member's role and responsibilities, purpose and goals. The objective of the spa is to deliver a memorable spa experience and increase volume per guest, while improving guest retention rate. Within the spa team structure, the coaching team is responsible for providing clarity and guidelines to accomplish goals and maximize performance.

3. Recruiting - Sports Coaching Model

Team building is all about recruiting and getting the right people on the bus. (Jim Collins, Good to Great) Each sports team has starters and back ups. Starters are the stars. They account for most of the team's production per game. This is where the 80/20 rule generally applies; 80% of your business is normally generated by 20% of your team. Professional teams focus highly on recruiting and scouting, continuously searching for new stars. The head coach is constantly evaluating and managing team members to identify the best players and maximize team results. Are you?

Recruiting - Spa Coaching Model

A spa head coach must focus on the utilization of the starting team and the recruitment of new players. Refrain from giving your team members' equal guest rotation. Identify the starters and assign more guests to them. This will increase the spa's performance exponentially. In the book Topgrading, Bradford Smart grades the players by A, B, C. The goal is to recruit A and B players and elevate the C players' performance. Do not prolong poor performance or "C players" if they are not the right fit for your team. Identify your starting team through: · Guest satisfaction rate · Performance and skill · Work ethic and professionalism · Continuing education -Attitude and teamwork

4. Head Coach - Coaching Sports Model

In sports, the head coach is ultimately responsible for team performance. If the team is performing, the head coach is recognized. If the team is producing poor results, the head coach is usually terminated. Prior to the start of the season, all players attend a pre-season boot camp. They go over plays, learn how to play as team, run practice drills, and rehearse each play over and over. During this process, the coach is constantly seeking ways to improve their game.

The team has a playbook; planning offensive and defensive strategies. After boot camp, they maintain a training schedule for the entire season. The coach provides mental and physical workouts to stay fit and maximize performance in order to stay competitive. They never stop training… During the game, where do you find the coach? On the sideline watching, supporting, motivating, strategizing… not in the office, or in the locker room. They actively watch the team's performance. The coach communicates to the team throughout the game. Coaches call a "time-out" when they need to refocus the team or change the team's game plan. They are continuously planning, strategizing and making adjustments to win the game. You may be thinking… professional sports players and coaches earn millions of dollars. That is true; however, everyone in the spa industry can earn more if we apply the same coaching and training discipline to our organizations.

Head Coach - Spa Coaching Model

The spa head coach is responsible for the team's performance and skill. The coach's decisions influence the team's ability to win or lose the game. In order to stay in business and generate profits, the spa head coach is responsible for the continuous improvement of the guest experience and for maximizing retail & service opportunities.

To be an effective spa head coach, implement the following coaching model: Define head coach responsibilities, formulate a game plan and spa curriculum, hold an annual Spa Boot Camp emphasizing coaching and training, establish continuous training/coaching schedule, develop and analyze profit strategies, incorporate coaching observations into operation, utilize "time-out" coaching moments to focus the team, conduct head coach strategic planning meetings.

5. Performance Measures - Sports Coaching Model

In professional sports, performance is everything. During every game, members of the organization track every statistic possible. They track points scored, blocks, steals, fumbles, turnovers and much more… In addition to tracking statistics, players and coaches designate time to watch game tapes to evaluate effort and identify areas of improvement. After the coaching team reviews all statistics and game tapes, they adjust their team's strategy accordingly. Why all the focus on tracking statistics and measuring performance? Without tracking and indentifying what is broken or weak, it is very hard, if not impossible, to make improvements.

Performance Measures - Spa Coaching Model

Track the team's performance on a daily basis. Establish daily, weekly and monthly targets and goals. Compare actual performance vs. targets. Make adjustments to keep the team focused and aimed toward success. Below are key performance indicators:
- Volume per guest for service and retail
- Guest retention rateUp-grade service opportunities
- Cross-team marketing
- Training participation
- Guest experience, protocols and rituals
- Attitude, attendance, work ethic

6. Team Recognition - Sports Coaching Model

In sports, achievers are frequently recognized by their head coach. When a player is a super star, they are asked to endorse products and services, invited to play in the all-star game, have personalized merchandise, etc. Being recognized for small or large accomplishments is a very valuable and necessary coaching function to maximize motivation and achievements.

Team Recognition - Spa Coaching Model

People today are looking for a lot more than a paycheck. They want to be valued and recognized! Implementing an awards program and recognizing the spa team for their efforts and achievements is essential to the spa's continuous success. Recognition provides the team with a sense of appreciation. It drives the team to excel and enhance their performance. In addition, the team's positive morale will elevate productivity and profits. Positively focused teams produce positive results!

Focus on Coaching and Soar!

The coaching profession is soaring! From personal to business coaching, to executive and team coaching; professionals are elevating their knowledge and advancing organizations and careers through coaching.

Coaching provides a fresh perspective on challenges and opportunities while enhancing performance and overall skill. Coaching helps build, retain and strengthen teams. In both business and in sports, coaching is a key ingredient to the success of the organization. If your organization is not achieving its goals, it is time to hire a professional coach.

The International Coaching Federation describes coaching as a partnership between a qualified coach and an individual or a team supporting the achievement of extraordinary results, based on goals set by the individual and the team. Through the coaching process, actions are focused to successfully produce relevant results. Coaching provides: Clarity, Focus, Productive results, Maximized potential, and Improved performance.

A successful spa needs a head coach! Who is your coach?

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Dori Soukup is a recognized spa consultant, expert, speaker, coach and author. Dori is the founder and CEO of InSPAration Management, a business firm that specializes in providing business solutions to spa and salon leaders. The firm offers education via CDs, DVDs, Coaching Memberships, Seminars, and more. To learn more, visit

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