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What The Medical/Pharmaceutical Establishment Doesn't Want You To Know

     The art of healing has been greatly restricted over the years. Medical freedom has not been allowed its self-expression. In the western world, at least, mainstream medicine has organized itself into an underground dictatorship ran by the despotic money-hungry medical/pharmaceutical establishment. The grip that the establishment has was not always like this.

Many years ago, as far back as the late 1890s, medical school was a much different place to what it is now. A wider range of methodologies was embraced when it came to treatment. Various approaches such as Reiki, herbal remedies, acupuncture, shiatsu, yoga, aromatherapy, Native American healing, and African holistic health were all serious studies. Academia had a much more open-minded approached than it does today.

However, with the introduction of more and more drugs over the years and more and sponsorship made by pharmaceutical companies, the above alternative approaches were gradually ousted. Any student found to be bringing in these practices was thrown out of medical school. The greedy pharmaceutical companies had looked upon the alternative approaches as a financial threat. Even as far back as then, they were unjustly ridiculed. This coincided with John. D Rockefeller and Dale Carnegie who bought the American Medical Association (AMA) in the early 1900's for the meagre sum of 10,000 dollars.

Quite simply, the deal was this: pharmaceutical companies would fund medical schools provided they would stick with training students on a curriculum using the drug related approach.

Having read the background to this, there was one little anecdote I found interesting: It was reported that John D Rockefeller, in spite of having a hand in the destruction of naturopathic and homeopathic alternative medicine, he was into his 90's when he died. One of the major reasons for his longevity was the fact that he had a personal naturopathic and homeopathic doctor to keep him going!

After graduation…

If an individual has just qualified as a doctor of allopathic (conventional) medicine, it is highly unlikely that there would be a reasonable knowledge of the efficacy of nutrition. Only a matter of hours would have been given on this subject in the entire five years at medical school. It is also most doubtful that this individual will start looking into the powers of nutrition: having gone through 5 years of medical school, the mindset has already been formed, care of the establishment.

Hence, the start of a career for some white-coated, conceited, prescription-happy ignoramus. Doctors can be described as salesmen for pharmaceutical companies.

Having graduated, quite a few have no real interpersonal skills when it comes to dealing with people. The remark, 'cold fish' has been appropriately made by some patients after consultation.

For recently qualified graduates who enter the big wide world of medical or pharmaceutical research and development institutions, they will have a hard time in getting funding for projects based on the efficacy of nutrition. However, having said that, many graduates are not in the slightest bit aware of how effective and how much possibility there could be for making discoveries on this subject and how humanity could benefit.

In my writing of 'The Great Cancer Scam' I mentioned that I read a recent four-page article from a well-known science magazine. It covered the 'challenges' perceived by the researchers on dealing with cancer. It covered the subject mostly from the pharmaceutical perspective. To my way of thinking, because of the bias towards the drug approach, it gives the impression to the layperson or public at large that there is no other way of dealing with cancer.

Like I said at the time, there was not a single utterance given to the subject of nutrition or diet.

-Most science periodicals are controlled and sponsored heavily by various groups, like pharmaceutical companies, who make sure the interest put out is in line with what's in their favour commercially.

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