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What's The Point of Recycling?


Today all we hear about is how we have to recycle everything in order to save the earth from danger. But is it truly worth the effort? Well, have a look at this statistic: the average plastic shopping bag takes roughly 1,000 years to entirely break down in a land fill site. Keep in mind, you're simply talking about one shopping bag so that's quite a long time. Imagine the number of plastic shopping and trash bags you use each year. When you multiply that figure by the number of people living in our country, it's a great number. We can opt to use it once again it by recycling and stop it from sitting in a landfill breaking down for years. Many things are recycled nowadays, for instance old worn tires are split down and used as tread for playgrounds and plastic shopping bagsplastic bags can be remade into clothing. Majority of things are prospects for recycling.

The town of Lemoore, California started a rigid recycling program 15 years ago. Residents of Lemoore who did not comply with the rules of recycling had to pay a fine. Naturally, the majority of the town residents observed the rules and recycling had many positive effects on this town. They were able to put up a new playground and also create a water park. Recycling likewise helped to fund basic municipal requirements, such as a police department, a fire station and funding for kids who go pre-school. So, you can understand that recycling can earn money for other things as well as bring down the amount of rubbish going to the landfill.

You may believe that you're merely one person in this big world, so you're not going to make a great impact by yourself, however imagine if everybody made a modest effort towards recycling! We could reduce the size of many landfills which, in turn, would save money in operating them and prevent damage to the local environment. Also, recycling can help to raise money for needy residential areas while benefiting the earth. It's a win-win for everyone!

You should consider the predicament of animals even if you're not actually into recycling. Problems in our environment including global warming are not just ruining the planet but harming wildlife also. By merely spending a modest amount of time recycling, you're saving the environment for the next generation to enjoy, just as you have.

Think about how long it takes one thing to decompose. You may remember that a plastic bag does not break down until about 1000 years later. Items including disposable diapers and milk bottles can take several hundred years to completely decay while glass and styrofoam may never entirely break down. Because all of these things are recyclable, why should we discard them?

Of course, presently we don't have the technology to recycle several items but this could change soon. Right now, nonetheless, there's no reason that recyclable things like plastic, metals, and glass should be tossed in landfills. Recycling these items is pretty convenient in several communities and is not costly, so it's a good idea to help the earth. If we all helped, a great deal of good would be done.

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Jamie works as an engineer at used car in Newark for the past 6 years. He is passionate about discovering new ways to recycle all things and especially car parts.

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