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What It Means to Be HIPAA Certified: 5 Points

     The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (1996) was enacted to help protect the private medical information of patients. Hence, it is the responsibility of all healthcare providers to make sure their employees are certified.

HIPAA certification is the first step to ensure your organization is able to comply with the HIPAA rules and guidelines. It does not necessarily mean you are HIPAA compliant, but that your employees have been informed of the HIPAA laws and have been taught how they can use that information to comply with the regulations.

Here are five points about HIPAA certification:

If your organization is covered under HIPAA, the first step for you is to select a HIPAA certification course for your employees. Although the best option would be to get all your employees certified, it may not be possible because of financial, time, and manpower restraints. In such cases, a few capable employees can be sent for certification, who can be trainers to teach the others.

When the few selected individuals finish their course and receive their certificates, on-site training programs can be arranged for other employees lead by the certified employees. This way the organization gets to save resources and the employees still get trained about HIPAA laws.

As a covered organization, you must have a HIPAA policy for your organization. This policy must be documented and all employees must be aware of it. It must be audited regularly, some sections more regularly than others. The results of the audit must be published regularly and workers must be notified. Also, senior management must hold meetings regularly to discuss matters pertaining to HIPAA compliance. They must also discuss and make decisions about what actions to take to ensure complete compliance.

If your organization does not have employees who are HIPAA certified, you will not be able to comply with any of their rules in a disciplined manner. In case you are under inspection for non-compliance it will be beneficial to your organization if you have organized procedures and policies in place for HIPAA compliance. It will be an added bonus if you have employees who are certified. Otherwise, an inspection for non-compliance may take a while and you could end up losing a lot of money.

If your employees are certified, you have policies and procedures in place, management reviews have occurred, and actions have been taken to ensure compliance, then even if non-compliance is noted it may be seen as a human mistake rather than an intentional act that could cost you your license.

It is an asset to have employees who have HIPAA certification and any investment on them will not be wasted. Therefore, select capable employees and have them trained so that you have people in your organization to ensure that HIPAA laws are properly adhered to. Having a HIPAA certificate shows that you have completed the training and are knowledgeable about HIPAA requirements. Thus, you can see what it means to be HIPAA certified. It is a really big deal, especially for healthcare employees.

For more information, please visit our HIPAA Certification Course website.

For more information, please visit our HIPAA Certification Course website

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For more information, please visit our HIPAA Certification Course website.

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