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What Is The Chinese Dream Dictionary?

     After waking from your slumber it is commonly asked if you have conversed with grandmaster Zhou. This is something to which you may wonder why. All will be revealed as you read on. It has to do with the Chinese dream dictionary and your questions about this will be answered also.

The grandmaster Zhou is known as Zhou Gong also, he lived 3000 years ago roughly. His name has carried this far through history because he was the man who write the first Chinese dream dictionary. When it was first created it was called the book of auspicious and inauspicious dreams. The way legend tells it is the grandmaster zhou created another great book by the name of Yi Qing. This is the reason why many people who are native to China will ask when you wake if you have had a visit from Grandmaster Zhou.

While reading the Chinese Almanac there is a section of it that is a part of Zhou Gongs book. This is a book that is commonplace in a lot of houses of Chinese people. This book is commonly referred to in Chinese households when someone has woken up and wishes to know the meaning of their dream especially if it a strange one.

You will find 7 categories within the Chinese Almanac. Anything you will dream about is within these categories and anything that does not come under the first 6 will be covered by the section miscellaneous. You can find everything about dreams within this book which is why you are able to refer to it no matter the oddity of your slumber.

You will find that some of the interpretations will make sense to you such as if you were to dream of eating a cooked turkey over one that has not been cooked you would see this as being lucky, and so is the same interpretation when it comes to dreaming of such an occurrence. There are other interpretations that just don't make sense at all and may be something that you would not think you would ever dream of.

One interpretation that does not make as much sense is the one where dreaming of a blue snake would mean luck, or that if you were to share an umbrella with someone then you will separate from someone close to you.

Some of the other interpretations may seem down right odd, one such dream that could mean you separating from your partner could be if you were to dream of marrying, another is that if your wife in the dream is pregnant this would show that she is with another man without your knowledge.

Taking all of the dream indications to heart could mean that you come to the wrong conclusion about something which is why you should not take any of the readings too seriously, especially if it is to do with any relationship.

In the emperors' medicine classic and which is over 4000 years old the meaning of dreams was used with other kinds of methods to determine medical problems within a patient.

One example of such a diagnosis would be that if someone was to have a dream that had made them frightened or even upset them it would mean that the persons bosy was suffering from an imbalance. If a person was to dream they were falling then this would point out that the top part of the body was lacking in something, where as the bottom of the body would have too much of something.

This may not be your interpretation but this is how a dream is interpreted according to the Chinese dream dictionary.

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