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What Defines A Good Content Plan For Your Website?

     With everyone and their uncle creating millions of blogs and websites, the internet is a very active place. The responsibility to create content for websites or blogs can be somewhat of a challenge, having to write on topics relevant to that website’s purpose and provide value in the form of information that is wanted by viewers. All too many times, creating that article reaches a stalemate with creative juices having stopped flowing. Such lack of creativity leads to just posting meaningless blogs – and that actually defeats good SEO intents more than helps it. To avoid such situations, website and blog writers need to come up with a content plan to prevent losing that writing edge.

Content Writing – Its Purpose

In a nutshell, content planning for any website is basically the creation of an outline that can be used to document the website's purpose, future, and current publishing schedule in such a way that it can be used as a tool to ensure that all writings are relevant, fit together well, and provide value to readers.

There are three main recognized points in a content plan: brand recognition, mission statement, and vision statement.

  • Branding - Branding is a necessary part of any website; it sets that internet location apart from any other similar ones and helps generate trust and reputation.
  • Mission - The mission statement is a brief summary of a brand’s purpose, its goals for the present, the value it provides, and the population that it serves.
  • Vision - The vision statement is the perception of a brand’s future based on its cause, its position within the world, and where that brand will be in 5 or 10 years.

With all of these main ideas reviewed and considered, content ideas can be generated and arranged for appropriate publishing times.

Content Planning – What It Provides and Achieves

The best blogs or websites are those that regularly post high quality information that is important to readers. Creating a plan as outlined above frees writers to brainstorm for content ideas, testing such ideas to see if they are an appropriate representation of the stated agenda. Finalized ideas can then be placed into a publishing plan, creating a basic work schedule.

In the shorter term, this type of planning helps present all important aspects of any organization, such as identifying the targeted audience and website goals; then any material can be created based on such determinations. If it does not answer any of stated questions, it may be an irrelevant idea. If content does provide information relating to one of the points outlined in the plan, it will be more valuable to readers.

In the longer term, a content plan acts as a outline for brainstorming, documenting viable ideas, and arranging them according to other similar ideas to publish together. It is important to have both big and small ideas work together in order to stay relevant to both current topics and long-term website ones. In doing this, content creators can build a schedule ahead of time to help manage work in terms of what must be done now versus later; it also provides an image of what a specific page or issue will look like once it is finished.

In reality, coming up with a content plan is much easier to do than it is to explain. Anyone who has ever made a mock-up and listed all pertinent elements to be sure nothing has been forgotten has really made a rudimentary article writing agenda. When that plan includes information to ensure the subject matter is relevant to the business itself as well as specific publishing requirements, it makes organizing any website or blog whether for weeks, months, or years much easier to do – and defines a great content plan for a great website!

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