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What Can The Financial Markets Do for Me?

     This article is about clarifying some beliefs regarding the Financial Market and the ever present global crisis scenario.

Due to all the news and explanations brought up by the media in the last few years, we already know that we are paying to save the banks and traders that gambled our money in the first place. This sort of highly immoral behavior, that disregards and disrespects the general public that trusted the supposedly qualified economical agents, brought disgrace upon many families while condemning the future of many others.

Unfortunately, this kind of attitude is now associated with every kind of trader and bank, which is not true at all. In every profession - engineers, carpenters, waiters, builders, housemaids, doctors, ... - there are good and bad professionals.

Like at any job, there are good and honest people while some bad corrupt ones still remain. Hopefully, these are gradually discovered and pointed out as they leave the 'system'. And fortunately, these characteristics boil down to just a few authors that quickly made the headlines.

Professional Forex Traders consistently work on the probabilities provided by the Forex Market and they can do it just for themselves - they can trade their own money and not on behalf of any bank or other financial institution. And this does not mean Traders are bad people just because they learned how to claim a little bit of the daily flow of 4 trillion dollars of the Forex Market for themselves. Moreover, one the goals can be to divide the profits with those who need it the most. But let's leave this subject to another post in a near future...

What we want to state on this article is that, unfortunately, there are people with a lesser positive spirit in every activity.

Trading is a legal and honest activity that comes with the great advantage of having an installed global Market that allows free circulation of goods and people as we know it. Traders are also just regular people, with families and even other full time jobs, that found a way of understanding how this or that market works and developed a way to increase their economies, year after year.

Because of everything described above, the question shouldn't be: What can I do for the Financial Market, but What can the Financial Market do for me?

Why not learning how to trade, take control of your own economies and claim for yourself a part of the trillions of dollars traded every day? And why not increasing your trading account to a level where you can lay a hand to the ones whom you always wanted to help? You may even call this a Robin Hood idea, but follow the vital Trading Discipline and, as you improve as a Trader, this will become a very valid option.

Here's an example: - If you start trading with $50.000 and you become a consistent trader making 3% profit on a monthly basis, it will take you 8 years to get to the 7 digit numbers. What you are going to do with that money is your entire responsibility and upon your will. We believe it is possible (that's why we are doing it with our own money) and we still didn't find another way of business that is as profitable as this one. Not to mention that, after you've learned how to read the charts and master the Trading Psychology, this will become an activity that spends only 2 hours per week!

After all these facts, we can tell you that we are traders and very proud of it too!

Again, like any other activity, the path to becoming a successful trader should be done with strict Discipline as for any other field of studies, while closely accompanied by the ones who have gone through all the initial steps. It's always a goo idea to learn from the mistakes of others...

Happy Trading.

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