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What Are The Steps That An Allergist Takes To Help You?

     If you have experienced a sudden allergic reaction and are not sure of what caused it you could be diagnosed with a food allergy and an allergist is the one that you should go to for getting tests done to find out what foods you're allergic.

This is very vital for preventing unexpected allergic reactions that could be terribly painful and occasionally could cause death if left untreated.

How can one be allergic to some food that they have been eating since childhood?

A lot of folks can develop allergy to special sort of foods later on in life; they might have loved the same food in the past with no reaction. Food allergies cannot be detected with ease.

There is no hard and fast way at which you may get tested for the different kinds of foods you might be consuming. An allergist is the one that will run several tests to learn the foods you are allergic to.

Approach an allergist even when it is a moderate response; you never know it could become a threat to your life later on.

An allergist initially asks you to maintain a food diary jotting down the foods you've eaten along with the amount taken; the patient is requested to note down the names of medicines if taken and if at all you've experienced any allergic symptoms after ingesting them.

This will assist the allergist to narrow down the possible foods you may be allergic to. This also helps determine in case you are allergic to the medicine you are on and not food as suspected.

If an allergic reaction occurs as soon as you have taken a medicine or eaten a specific food, you will be able to identify that this is what causes the symptoms. The food diary along with the outcomes of other tests conducted will provide a comprehensive image of the items you might be allergic to.

What are the other ways of testing to know which foods are causing allergies?

The most familiar evaluation conducted is the skin test; a small part of the suspected allergen is placed on the skin and is pricked with a needle to let the food or any other allergen to seep under the skin. In case you develop hives or swelling it denotes that you are allergic to this particular allergen.

The other test an allergist does is to try out the elimination diet; if you know of some foods that could be causing the allergies; you will undoubtedly be asked to abstain from those foods for some time. Following this period you will be requested to add precisely the same foods one by one and assess for symptomsthis is going to help you determine which foods trigger an allergy in you.

There is one more test done to discover what foods you might be allergic to and that's the blood test. The drawn blood sample is sent to a laboratory for testing and they'll analyze the blood for allergy type pathogens and analyze your blood against specific foods to understand which of them the offender is.

Are these approaches sure of giving 100% accurate results?

Sadly none of the aforementioned methods give guaranteed results; the allergists normally utilize a mixture of different methods of testing to obtain a complete and an exact picture depicting your food habits and which of the foods are causing the allergic reaction.

A word of advice; don't take allergies lightly, even though you have a mild allergic reaction you ought to see an allergist and get for the bottom of it, if not, sometime later in life you may have a terrible response which could become a hazard to your life.

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