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Various Forms of Dance That Have Originated From Animals

     Dance is considered one of the oldest forms of art and entertainment. Dance refers to the movement of a body in a rhythmic manner, with a help of a music which involves expression, social interaction or it can be presented in spiritual or performance setting. Dance is not only done by humans but also animals and birds as well. Quite a few forms of dance have been originated from animals. For example, the site of looking at a peacock is just majestic. Different forms of classical dances have in fact taken steps from peacocks. One of the famous Indian folks called the ‘Mayuri dance’ is in fact derived from the peacocks. Likewise there are snake dances are also very famous in parts of Asia. In few parts of Asia, we have the snake charmer blows a pipe in his mouth to make a snake dances. These kinds of dances are very famous and are found in places of desert. In fact there are also different types in it.

On the other hand, how many of us would have heard about the Lion Dance. Most forms of lion dances are performed in China and Japan. In fact there could quite few differences between Chinese Lion Dance and Japanese Lion Dance. Lion Dances are performed during festivals. Some of them could be a competition between two groups as well. Lion dances are one of the toughest forms of dances. It involves a lot of concentration and stability. These could also include some of acrobatics and gymnastics as well. A Lion Dance is performed by two people. Lion dances are extremely colorful. They make the face of lion and a cloth hanging. One person holds the face and represents the front legs of the lion. While the other person bends at the back and represents the back of the lion. Lion dances start from the ground and go on to balancing on the poles. It involves vigorous jumping and shaking of the legs and hands for the person who stands in front. While the person standing behind helps the other to balance while doing all these stunts. Lion Dances require enormous amount of coordination when it comes to the movement of the legs. Not only this while doing they need to concentrate while jumping from poles to another. A slight miss could injury them very badly.

There are other forms of animal dances like the tiger dance followed by people in south India. A person could dress up like a tiger having stripes all over his body. This dance is generally performed by the males. Like the lion dance, it is also performed during festivals and can be spotted on the streets in South Asia. As mentioned earlier peacock dance are quite different from tiger dance. While tiger dance is considered a kind of folk dance. Peacock dances are considered classical and considered very sacred forms of dance. The moments in peacock dance which involves grace all over the body. Peacock dance involve moments in hands, head, fingers and shoulders. The leg moments goes like hopping and turning. Apart from all these there are various other forms of dances. There are forms of aquatic dances that are done in water and have originated from the fishes. We can get a lot of information while browsing through our internet. I was talking to my friend the other day over my phone sitting at home powered by ATT Home Phone. She spoke to me for more than hour about different kinds of dances that have originated from animal. Apart from all these there are other kinds of dances as well.

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Stuart is freelance writer who has written topic on art and culture earlier. After speaking to his friend the other day over his phone powered by ATT Home Phone, he is inspired to share some of his thoughts about different forms of dances.

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