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Using Exercise to Improve Depression Symptoms

     For years now, it has been a widely held belief that exercise can help alleviate the symptoms of depression, and recent studies appear to back up this idea. Of course, exercise alone isn't enough to completely eliminate depression, but the benefits of exercising while you're feeling down are manifold.


One of the reasons exercise is so successful at reducing depression symptoms is the release of endorphins that occurs naturally during a workout. And, not only can physical activity produce "feel-good" chemicals that help lift your spirits, but it can also produce other psychological benefits. For example, when you exercise, you have a chance to focus solely on your physical activity and put worries out of your mind for a period of time. Plus, looking better and feeling fitter may provide a much-needed pick-me-up.

Starting a Regimen

First, note that anytime you want to make a dramatic change to your lifestyle, you should consult with your doctor. He or she can steer you toward activities that are suited to your ability, age, physical fitness, and other factors.

Even with your doctor's recommendations, you may find it difficult to decide which exercises to make part of your routine. If you are considering traditional exercises like jogging, swimming, or lifting weights, make sure you think about the other activities available to you. For example, many daily tasks count as exercise, whether it's washing the windows of your home or working in the garden. You might even want to join a local sports team, which could provide you with both a chance to work out and the opportunity to make some new friends. No matter which exercises you decide on, though, committing to your new program might prove to be the hardest part.

Sticking with It

Whatever your reason for starting an exercise routine, it may be difficult to stick with it. One of the most common mistakes people make when moving from a sedentary lifestyle to a more active one is overdoing it. They often put so much energy and intensity into the first few workouts that they get burned out quickly and possibly even cause minor injuries that make them less likely to return to that regimen. Instead of risking burn-out, take things slowly and become familiar with your body's capabilities and limitations.

Once you're into the swing of things, you'll want to set an obtainable goal that makes sense for you, whether it's walking a mile a day, swimming ten laps in the pool every other day, or biking to work once a week. It's very important to focus on making this goal attainable because you don't want to discourage yourself by having unrealistic expectations and consequently failing to meet them. That said, should you fall short of your goal for any reason, just try again the next day rather than getting angry at yourself.

Just remember that anything you can do to get off the couch is a step in the right direction, both for your physical and mental health alike.
Peg Smith is an experienced writer who has written for a number of notable publications. As a lifestyle expert, Ms. Smith is able to offer advice and insight on a multitude of topics, including those pertaining to wellness.

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Peg Smith is an experienced writer who has written for a number of notable publications. As a lifestyle expert, Ms. Smith is able to offer advice and insight on a multitude of topics, including those pertaining to wellness.

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