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Tips for Choosing a Great Au Pair

     Whether you need to go to work, work from home or simply need to be able to do things without the kids in tow an au pair is a great option. Choosing the right au pair for your family is a long process but it needs to be so to ensure you get the right support in your home. Here are our top five tips for choosing the perfect au pair.

1. Read the Application in Depth
Every Au Pair writes a little to their prospective host parents to give a taste of the kind of person they are and what their aspirations are. It should hopefully indicate her enthusiasm, self-esteem and maintains good connections with her own family. Red flags to look out for would be anything which suggested they were looking for an easy getaway such as relationship breakdowns.

2. Give them a Google
The internet is a marvellous thing and gives you the chance to perform informal background checks. Google your au pair using their name and city or nickname and you could easily come across her Facebook profile, forum posting or even a blog. Any of these things will give you insight into the type of person she actually is and whether you want to share your home with her. You need to use common sense, if you see a photo of your potential au pair enjoying an alcoholic drink this doesn’t mean she’s guaranteed to be a bad fit for your home.

3. Video Call Interview
In many instances au pairs won’t come over to the UK until they’ve secured a position. You may choose to use au pair agencies to find the right fit for your family but this doesn’t stop you from carrying out some research on your own. Take advantage of modern technology and conduct a Skype interview with your potential au pair. This free service gives you a visual impression of your potential employee as well as just hearing their voice. It really provides the bigger picture and can help in the decision making process. Remember English won’t be her first language and this isn’t the time to ask any of the ‘hard’ questions but it can be a great way of getting to know her personality a little better and ask some casual but telling questions as you go.

4. Personality over Skills
It’s very unlikely you’ll find an au pair with significant childcare experience or qualifications, that’s why they’re such an affordable option. It’s more important that you can get on well with the au pair and has enough experience that she’ll be able to manage and deal with your children once she gets to know them. If you genuinely have an affinity with your au pair the whole arrangement will run more smoothly.

5. The Big Questions
As au pairs are quite young you can gauge a lot by asking about their family. You should always ask “What do you parents think?” to see if they genuinely have considered this au pair role or are simply trying to escape their family. Then you should ask “What makes you the most excited and nervous about Au Pairing?” as this will give you a telling answer to her beliefs about how the role will work. Finally end on the questions “Why should I choose you?” This gives the candidate a change to stand out from the crowd and sell their unique qualities to you and your family.

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This is a big step in your family’s life but it could be exactly what you need. Do you research and you’ll find your perfect match.

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