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The Southwood Group PetroChina Pumping its Growth

     PetroChina Company Limited (PetroChina) is the biggest oil and gas producer and distributor in China today. Playing a dominant role in China wisely, focused on the future, with its sales revenue in China alone making it one of the largest Oil companies in the World.

Since its foundation, PetroChina has maintained and improved its standards year by year. The oil and gas giant has committed itself to becoming a major player internationally, its competitiveness has ensured the company to become one of the major producers and distributors of petrol and petrochemical products. It is involved in a wide range of related industries including, exploration, development, production and marketing of natural gas and crude oil, refining, transportation and storage.

The Southwood Groups Senior Vice President Mr. James Morgan has been following its share price for the last few years and notes, “PetroChina’s share price has seen a sharp rise in the last two weeks, studying the trends we can see double digit gains within the next few months, with trading values around $117.00 we are confident to speculate that prices will see improvements ranging between $150 - $160 position before the end of the year.”

As the company moves forward, the main drive for growth for PetroChina is likely to be its advantage to the ever-growing Chinese market. Being one of the only two Chinese integrated oil companies, PetroChina is perfectly positioned to capitalize on the country’s steadily growing sectors. PetroChina is also expanding in to new markets with strategic locations like Australia and Canada. Recent upsurge in oil prices worldwide delivers an advantage to the company, with support from the Chinese government wishing to use its own reserves rather than lose money to high price oil and gas imports.

The gas and oil producer are securing the future, expanding with recent deals in Australia and Canada for natural gas. In a joint venture with its Canadian partners in Alberta, Canada looks to take advantage of the vast gas and condensates fields. Whilst in Australia, they are negotiating purchase interests in the proposed Western Australian, Browse liquefied natural gas project, providing the company with a global resources and extending its market base, making the company one of the world leaders in International energy supply.

“The Southwood Group has always followed the major oil and gas corporations of the world, closely monitoring for any fluctuations that lead to potential short to mid-term gains as well as the implementation of using commodities for long-term strategies within a diversified portfolio, we see this as a safe but highly profitable investment vehicle,” concluded Senior Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions James Morgan at The Southwood Group.

As an equity-research house, The Southwood Group specialises in providing fundamental research and data analysis, ultimately facilitating trend identification, and finally stock selection. The company has professional managers with extensive experience in all aspects of investing and legal compliance, all of whom had spent their careers in the global finance industry from Hong Kong to New York. It is established on ideals of perseverance, enduring commitment to its clients and, most of all, due diligence.

The Southwood Group hopes to enhance even more its capability and reputation as a provider of success-driven service to its clients.

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The Southwood Group is an equity research house specialising in providing fundamental research and data analysis, ultimately facilitating trend identification, and finally stock selection.

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