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The Shorter You Are the Sooner You Die!

     There are some people who are too short while there are others who look like giants. The taller individuals, however, are more privileged. A research has it that your height can measure the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. This means the shorter you are the sooner you die. The phrase is not literal, but it is true that short people have a shorter average life. Furthermore, they have an increased risk of heart attacks. There is a growing awareness in this case, and caregiver jobs or CNA jobs are offered to professionals who can take good care of such people. Shorter individuals are 1.5 times more prone to heart disorders.
Though the association of height with heart disease has long been predicted, the latest research findings are able to prove this idea. A big question in this case is how to define short or tall height?
Generally, for males anything less than five feet five inches and for females a height below five feet is considered short. As for tallness, in men above 5 feet 9 inches and in women above 5 feet 5 inches is considered tall. An extensive survey between a tall and short group has proved that the shorter lot is at a greater risk. You may be wondering why smaller people are vulnerable to heart health issues.
Specific reasons for this unusual fact are still unknown; however, some scientists have made speculations. One hypothesis suggests that shorter people might have narrower arteries. This hypothesis is not much studied, but some angiographic measurements reveal that the arterial bore is directly related to body weight and height. So this possibility cannot be completely overlooked.
What happens is that the narrower arteries tend to get occluded earlier in the life of a short individual. This in turn, increases the chances of heart disease earlier than in taller individuals. Moreover, if this factor gets coupled with your unhealthy lifestyle, you will be having a farewell much sooner.
However, scientists have an assumption that height is an independent factor. Assuming that other factors along with the lifestyle of short and tall people are similar then height alone will increase the risk of heart disease in shorter individuals.
Interestingly according to a second opinion, women are shorter than men but they have lesser incidence of heart disease. This has led to another debate that questions the credibility of this research. It appears to be a valid point. And a different school of thought argues that height cannot possibly affect heart health issues.
In any case, people with a shorter stature have a growing concern over this possibility. They will do their best to keep themselves healthy, and this is exactly what they should be doing. Obviously, height is not something that you can control. But surely it is in your hands to control your diet. It is for this reason that doctors focus on things that can lessen your chances of getting a heart disease. So, all those short people need to be extra conscious about their lifestyles. And this goes for the taller individuals as well. As height is not the only factor for cardiovascular problems.

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