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The Richest Human Beings Ever!

     Have you ever wondered who the richest human beings ever are? We've been doing some wondering of our own, researching articles all over the net and for the past few days getting ready to get ourselves flabbergasted. From various sources we've spawned a list of humanity's wealthiest people. The folks on this list are the wealthiest human beings to have ever walked, swam and flown over the earth. After precise inflation adjustments, we've managed to convert these fortunes into 2013 dollars. Let's take a look, at 2199.6% was the annual inflation rate of the past 100 years, so 100,000,000 USD in 1913 would be equivalent to 2.299.6 BILLION USD in 2013. It is also interesting to note that a single ounce of gold can go for 1750 USD

Besides the modern money making marvels such as Bill Gates, and Buffet, we have some intriguing additions in the article, from 20th century veterans such as Carnegie, to lesser known low-key billionaires of ages past. But alas, all we have time for is to narrow it down to the top THREE.

Topping in at 3rd, but at no means at the least, we have John D. Rockefeller. He may be third globally, but he is number one as far as America is concerned. At the time of his death in 1937, the richest American to have ever lived was worth 340 billion USD in today's money. He was an all American pioneer, not only is he the richest American EVER, but he was also the first to have a over a billion dollars in net worth.

After he founded Standard oil in 1870, he dominated the American Industry, which he subsequently monopolised, but his company was then dispersed by the Government.

In the last decades of his life, he used his fortunes to compassionately give back to society. He had a stupendous significant effect on scientific research, education, and society as a whole.

In 1884, Rockefeller contributed greatly for the establishment of a college in Atlanta for African-American women, which was later renamed as Spelman College, also giving 80 million USD to the University of Chicago among many other compassionate actions.

Topping in at number TWO, but by no means the dude, we have Mayer Amschel Rothschild and the Rothschild family. Recognized as the House of Rothschild, they are the richest people currently in existence, with whopping net worth of over 350 billion USD. In the 18th century they quickly established themselves as Europe's most dominant 'dynastic' bankers.

It all began with the birth of Mr Mayer Rothschild in 1744. He fathered five sons, all of which he appointed to the centres of his financial house, vastly expanding his families empire. Today the family's wealth expanded evermore to hundreds of descendants.

And finally, topping the list at number ONE, we have a cryptic figure who ruled as king of the 14th century West African Empire of Mali. In effect, he has subsequently been designated as the wealthiest individual in recorded history in a new inflation-adjusted list of the world's wealthiest people to have ever walked the earth.

Born in 1280, King Mansa Musa the first was the richest person alive or dead, he boasted a personal net worth of 400 billion USD at the time of his death in 1331.

He ruled over the West African Malian Empire which was so expansive, it heralded over modern day Ghana, with the capital as Timbuktu in Mali.

His kingdom supplied more than half of the world's salt and gold, contributing tremendously to his wealth, which he utilized to construct large mosques and libraries that stand to this day.

In the writings of the Arabic Egyptian scholar Al-Umari, Musa Inherited his throne when his predecessor left on a Haj to Mecca, but strangely never returned.

Once Musa was appointed as deputy of the King preceding him. Unfortunately, just a few decades after the death of his predecessor, Musa's Record setting assets were diminished, when his descendants were unable to defend their kingdom from invading forces.

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