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The Mystery of Blood Ores- "Haematites"

     The discovery of magnetism has led to the belief that things with magnetic force can positively affect bodily processes. This reasoning became the foundation of experiments, and then eventually the employment of treatments, which is now called magnetic therapy.

"Haematite", also spelled as hematite, is a type of mineral that emits a strong magnetic force. This is because of its high concentration of iron particles, which is composed of about 70%. It is usually formed after volcanic eruptions. But it is unusually found in mineral water or hot springs, and is believed to have precipitated there. The phenomenon of haematites unexpectedly forming in hot water regards this mineral as rich with life giving elements. The discovery of this stone in the surface of Mars made scientists conclude that the planet was once rich with living things.

Originated from the Greek word "blood," Haematite is considered as the most important ore. Not only that it is used for paint pigment and glass polish. It is also used for therapeutic healing. It greatly eases body pains and eventually cures diseases. It also seeps negative energy and cleanses the blood stream. There is a vast range of medication that haematites do. Typically, it is molded into hematite rings.

The explanation of this curative aspect of haematite traces back to its high iron content. Iron elements have the ability to be permanently magnetized-this characteristic is coined as ferromagnetism. With this ability to release strong magnetic force, blood and body organs are stimulated that boosts blood circulation and better bodily systems.

There are different ways to use a haematite for curative means. Some would bring a piece of its stone; placed in pockets or bags. Others would use it to decorate their house or garden. These methods, however, might seem troublesome and expensive. If this would be the case, wearing a hematite ring is ideal.

Hematite band ring are perfect as it is hypoallergenic. It is also stylish and is cheaply sold. Magnet Giant retails hematite rings in which you can choose the style that suits your taste. They also offer to provide you an ideal fit for your finger by guiding you to determine your ring size.

Complaints and explanations about the feebleness of hematite rings are often misunderstood. A hematite ring may crack not only because of absorbing too much energy, but it is also because of temperature changes. The alteration from warmness to coldness makes the ring expand and contract, which loosens up its bond formation. This vulnerability is caused of the stabilizing process that haematite unrefined stones have undergone to be flourished as hematite band rings. It is advised to be aware of the changes of your body and your environment's temperature.

The use of haematite stones and hematite rings for healing traces back to the times before scientific-based modern medicine was found. This might be perhaps of its dark beauty or its strangeness of sprouting in unexpected places that made this popular for healing. Or perhaps, haematite really possesses a special power that cures better than modern medicine.

If you are looking for information on hematite ring, click on the link. Or visit for more information.

If you are looking for information on hematite ring, click on the link. Or visit for more information.

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If you are looking for information on hematite ring, click on the link. Or visit for more information.

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