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The First Naturally Revolving Candle Light

     Relaxing just got better. There is nothing more relaxing than listening to the heartbeat of someone you love. Babies even fall asleep listening to their mother's heart beat.

Spas use candles in their sessions to help people relax. People use candles in their homes to help them relax, either in the bathroom to give the ambiance of a spa-like feeling or to set throughout the home to give a relaxing, comforting feel to your domain. The best place to relax is your home and adding candles to the equation can always help.

GALLUS™ Light has created the first revolving candle light, rotating the flame at the rate of a heartbeat. GALLUS™ Light gives off a tranquil, comforting, warm feeling light. The revolving light is very soothing and relaxing. Your friends and family will be talking about the revolving candle long after they leave your home and will want to buy one for their own home. The product is a great conversation piece as well.

Do you have a stressful life, pressure from a lot of people? Then this is the thing you need. Having a GALLUS™ Light in your home will turn it into the perfect place to unwind. You will feel the stress leave your body. Your home becomes your sanctuary. You will spend less time at a spa so you can spend more more time watching the revolving light of the GALLUS™ Light.

It is easy to get your own GALLUS™ Light with tea candles or oil cartridges. All you have to do is order them online and have them shipped directly to your home. We offer refills and engraving at very competitive and affordable prices. The revolving GALLUS™ Light has been created in Switzerland, the part of the world that put Swiss clocks and watches on the market. Now, it's the Swiss made GALLUS™ Light stealing the show!

The GALLUS™ Light is an amazing lamp to look at. The candle flame inside the specially designed chimney rotates and can create an amazing atmosphere for any room. The pleasures of this innovative device can be used for many things. For example, lighting a prayer room or a meditation room, to amaze friends with it's natural rotating flame, or simply to set an atmosphere in the outdoors. This device is original and provides warmth and companionship unlike any other light source before. If you are interested in seeing this amazing device, please feel free to view the demostration video here.

The GALLUS™ Light has done what no other lamp device has done before. The history of lamps date back to Roman times. Of course no body had light bulbs at that time and simply relied on the light from candles to see everything that was in the dark. As you know, a flames is wild and goes everywhere thus making it hard for people in those times to see exactly what was in front of them.

Control of the flame was sought out in those times but with no avail, no answer was ever found. However, today it is possible to control a flame with the GALLUS™ Light, a tea light candle holder that naturally spins the flame in a perfect circle creating a golden ring of light that provides the best lighting that a candle or lamp can give. Besides all of that, watching the flame spin is a spectical.

You could get lost watching it spin as you gain an amazing imagination of dancing fire right at your finger tips. Another cool feature is that when you put the fire out, the remaining smoke continues to spin and vanish into the air softly. The GALLUS™ Light is highly recommended for anyone. Getting a GALLUS™ Light will never dissapoint you or leave you feeling regret, instead you will feel glad that you are taking part in seeing this amazing dancing flame.

Nathan Martyn is webmaster for Gallus Light, introducing a world premier product, The Rotating Flame, which naturally rotates the flame at the rate of a human rest heartbeat.

Nathan Martyn is webmaster for Gallus Light (, introducing a world premier product, The Rotating Flame, which naturally rotates the flame at the rate of a human rest heartbeat.

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Nathan Martyn is webmaster for Gallus Light, introducing a world premier product, The Rotating Flame, which naturally rotates the flame at the rate of a human rest heartbeat.

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