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The Answer That Magnetized You Here

     You might have heard it from a friend, an acquaintance, or some advertisement. You haven't considered it yet, but every time you thought about it, you ask yourself. So you took some time to go online, searching for the answer to your question: what is magnetic therapy?

Magnetic therapy is a healing procedure with the use of magnets. It is easy to be convinced that magnets can do whatever medicines can: to heal. Unlike medicines, where it is gulped with water or injected into the bloodstream, magnetic therapy works differently.

Magnetic therapy is directed at the iron particles in the blood stream. A magnet is placed to a certain body part that experiences pain. This causes to rouse the iron elements. Since the particles react, nerve cells are stimulated that results to the acceleration of blood streaming. The hastened exchange of wasted products to oxygen relieves the person from the ache. It also hampers muscle spasms and contractions. Moreover, it also incites hormones that impede pain signals to the brain.

When we talk about magnetic therapy, we are also talking about the healing as a process and healing produced by the magnet itself. First, healing can be done solely by a magnetic therapist. Either he uses magnetic products or uses his own magnetic force for transfer. The latter was formulated by Franz Anton Mesmer and is called animal magnetism. The handling of the healer with the strong magnetic power accomplishes the goal of magnetic therapy.

However, searching for an accessible therapist might be problematic. What if you felt the pain again in the middle of the night? Surely, your magnetic healer is still a person, who might just be sleeping at your time of pain. This is the reason why magnetic products are offered. Unlike seeking a therapeutic procedure in the middle of night, these curative items are more available and cheaper. This makes a lot of people turn to self-medication instead.

So are you wondering, "Can I use a refrigerator magnet now?"

Yes, you can use it to post notes on your fridge, but for magnetic therapy, it is not going to be effective. In choosing the right type of magnetic products, you should be aware of its magnetism level, which is measured in gauss. A magnet that measures of about 10 gauss, such as a refrigerator magnet, is not sufficient to even enter your skin. The standard measurement of a magnet for a magnetic therapy should extend from 450 gauss to 10,000 gauss.

Don't go around asking the gauss measurement of magnetic products! It's better to search for online and offline stores that directly present merchandises meant for magnetic therapy.

A good store is Magnet Giant. It offers a wide variety of magnetic products that will remedy the aching sensations of a body part. One product that they sell is magnetic mattresses and pillow pads, which are essentially good for back aches. Research has proven that patients with fibromyalgia were treated using magnetized beds. Another item that is being sold is the famous magnetic acupuncture insoles. This has nodules that target the points in the feet that are believed to stimulate particular body parts-such as the stimulation of big toe affects large intestines.

Now, have you decided to experience magnetic therapy? Whether you have made your choice or not, it is better to consult a physician first before undergoing this healing procedure or using any magnetic products.

If you are looking for information on magnetic therapy, click on the link. Or visit for more information.

If you are looking for information on magnetic therapy, click on the link. Or visit for more information.

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If you are looking for information on magnetic therapy, click on the link. Or visit for more information.

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