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Tai Chi Re-Establishes The Body's Natural Harmony

     The East has an ancient tradition of healing, and many treatments which are practiced today have only had a few modifications. Unlike Western medicine which focuses on the specific cause of a disease, Chinese treatments focus on the patient's psychological response to the ailment. Patients are treated as a whole, and all aspects of the mind, body and spirit are regarded as equally significant in the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses. Tai chi realises that there are heaps of health benefits for those who practice tai chi; its goal being to cultivate a calm mind and a clear spirit.

Tai chi involves performing slow, dance-like movements while focusing the mind. Classes will guide you on how to look for a pattern of disharmony, believing that people are either in harmony or out of harmony with themselves and their environment. Tai Chi classes will examine the natural flow of energy through the body and the balance of this energy. You will discover how to correct areas where there is an imbalance of energy or where the energy flow is too slow or too fast. The energy flow is known as chi and it flows along energy channels called meridians.

Discover the Land where Natural Physical Therapies have Emerged

Tai chi was developed in the 13th and 14th century, and millions of people in China and Japan practice it daily. Small wonder that Exercise Medicine Australia organizes international tours to China for those wanting to learn more about the fascinating land, its history and culture. On the tour you will also get to understand the people who achieve harmony between the parts of the body, the emotions, the mind and the spirit by concentrating on the inner conflict of the mind and body.

The beauty is that anyone can do it, even the elderly and those suffering with arthritis as well as people who are overweight. Tai chi can help to improve heart function, decrease blood pressure, reduce stress and improve strength, balance and flexibility.

It is Important to Be Taught by an Experienced Teacher

Teaching evidence-based exercise interventions for prevention as well as rehabilitation. Tai chi classes are always booked early by people wanting to be a harmonious whole in order to banish diseases such as dementia, hypertension, diabetes and many others.

The teacher offers both national and international accreditation training workshops for those involved in health care, and fitness trainers, physiotherapists, and many other health professionals sign up for their courses. They will then be able to practice and deliver safe Tai Chi exercise techniques. Tai chi may be practiced individually or in a group, but it is necessary to be taught by an experienced teacher and is most beneficial when practiced regularly.

You Too can Enjoy Mental and Emotional Harmony

Want to achieve a state of wholeness through movement therapy? With Tai chi classes you will discover how tai chi is good for improving posture, breathing, circulation as well as oxygen levels and for promoting a healthy metabolism. The classes are wonderfully relaxing and those interested, can register conveniently and easily online for these life changing training workshops.

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Exercise Medicine Australia is a leading organization in teaching and research in evidence-based exercise interventions for primary prevention and rehabilitation. Its primary focus is on research, design, development and teaching of evidence-based, safe, targeted and innovative exercise intervention programs.

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