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Sudoku One of the Hot New Games

     Sudoku has become one of the most popular puzzle games of all times. It is an old puzzle that has been around forever. However it has recently been marketed as Sudoku and is being done by everyone. In fact I was recently on a plane and an entire row of passengers were all doing Sudoku puzzles.

This past year a combination of five Sudoku puzzle books combined to out sell one of the big best selling books in the book marketplace. More puzzle books are being plublished on a regular basis. Almost every daily newspaper now features a Suduko puzzle right next to it's customary crossword puzzle. Often times, the Sudoku puzzle gets attention before the traditional crossword puzzle. One can even by electronic pocket sized Sudoku games.

Sudoku is a puzzle made up of nine cubes featuring nine squares in each cube. These nine cubes combine to make nine rows and nine columns. The puzzle game is sometimes referred to as nine x nine. The goal to complete the puzzle is quite simple. You must use the numbers 1-9 only once in each cube, once in each row, and once in each column.

Each Sudoku puzzle starts with some of the numbers already entered into the puzzle. Depending on how many numbers are pre-entered and the placement of these numbers determine the difficult level of the Sudoko puzzle. Ratings of difficulty are often rated from 1 star (easy) to 6 stars (very difficult). Some puzzle creators just call them light, easy, hard, very difficult etc. Other puzzle creators have applied martial art terms such as white, brown, green and black belt.

If you have never tried a Sudoko puzzle be sure to start with an easy level. If you buy a puzzle book they are clearly labeled. If you look in a daily newspaper you would normally find the easiest puzzles at the beginning of the week. Starting with an easy level will help you to develop your puzzle strategy as well as minimizing your frustration level in the beginning.

The basic strategy that many people use is to go through each number and try to fill in as many of these as the puzzle allows by looking up and down the rows and columns to see where a number has to be placed. If you work your way up from number one through nine, be sure to consider going through this process again and the first time through may have determined some numbers not identifiable the first time through. Next look at the cubes to see which number in a cube may prevent that number from being used in a particular row or column you are trying to solve. Finally try to train your mind to see all nine squares in a row, column or cube. By doing so you will quickly be able to identify the missing number needed in each of these areas. Get started playing now!

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