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Studies Show Benefits of Flower Therapy

     People and flowers are always associated with each other. This pushed many researchers to pursue studies aimed at extracting the impact of flowers on the lives of people. Some of these studies have even stressed how importance flowers can be in some forms of therapy.

Studies show benefits of flower therapy

Many individuals are known to exude happiness and to exhibit the sweetest smiles whenever they receive flowers. In fact, even the saddest person would always wear a little smile when flowers are presented to them. According to numerous studies, depressive and anxious states are reduced and relieved through flower therapy.

The so-called flower therapy is now considered as part of alternative forms of emotional treatment. This is due to their contribution in the elevation of negative thoughts and feelings into lighter and positive ones. The various colours, forms, and scents of the flowers induce emotional health and well-being.

One of the most obvious effects of flowers to human emotions is the sense of optimism they impart. For instance, family members of deceased person find comfort and hope through the sympathy flowers that are sent or given during burial and funeral rites.

Flowers used in therapy can also stimulate the adrenal glands to make the body more active, the mind more alert, and the emotions more stable. The bright colours of flowers such as red roses and sunflowers enhance the energy the body possesses. They act as energy boosters.

Certain species of flowers can be used to stimulate good sleep to individuals. Separate studies done in US and Europe found out that blue bells kindle the production and release of the sleep protein called melatonin. From this, it can be a possibility that this species of flowers can be further utilised to treat various sleep disorders like insomnia. While some flowers trigger allergic reactions, orange daisies can behave in the exact opposite. These flowers act in a favourable way by making the immune system stronger.

Most of the therapeutic effects of flowers are anchored on the colours they possess making them very comparable to the therapeutic effects of colours. Due to this, flowers and colours are often interconnected with each other.
The colours in the surroundings are helpful in achieving balance, peace of mind, tranquility, and rest. Nonetheless, colours are made more appealing by flowers. They enhance the colours that we see every day. They stimulate the senses and convey messages that most of us cannot utter in words.

The therapeutic effects of flowers are also harnessed by the artful flower arrangements that are used to present the beauty and elegance of the flowers. When they are given or sent, the receiver would always exclaim admiration over them.

If you are thinking of making someone dear to you a bit happier this day, waste no time in selecting beautiful flower arrangement through online florists. They have vast selections of flowers that are fit for any day, ordinary or special alike. Their selections are also customised according to the relationship of the recipients to you. This makes the selection process easier in order for the flowers to accord their therapeutic effects in a more personal way.

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Lucy Clements runs her own online flower shop. Her expertise about flowers are expressed over her blog where various tips, advices, and general information about flowers can be read.

Lucy Clements runs her own online flower shop. Her expertise about flowers are expressed over her blog at

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Lucy Clements runs her own online flower shop. Her expertise about flowers are expressed over her blog where various tips, advices, and general information about flowers can be read.

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