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Spa Menu Dos and Don'ts

     Discover 7 Secrets to Developing an Effective Menu!

If you are like most people in the spa industry, you probably ask for a menu whenever you visit a spa. Menus come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Some are booklets, some are pamphlets, some reflect a great image and some don't. What is your menu saying about you? Is your menu effectively selling your treatments and products?

Your menu is an important marketing tool. It should reflect a professional image and describe treatments in a way that stimulates the senses. Your menu should outline the RESULTS and BENEFITS guests will gain from the experience. The main purpose of the menu is to pique interest, EXCITE and COMPEL the reader to make a reservation. The fact is that most menus follow the same structure. They all have massage, facial, etc., and mainly focus on a la carte treatments.

Following Menu Dos and Don'ts will help differentiate your menu from others while positioning your spa in unique way.

Spa Menu Development: Dos and Don'ts

1. Copy - Choosing the Right Words

Don't use the word "OUR" in your menu. Descriptions that focus on our spa, our facility, our therapists and so on… incorrectly emphasize the spa over their guests. All too frequently, I find "OUR" four or five times in every paragraph! Go through your menu and web site to count how many "ours" appear in your descriptions.

Do: Rewrite phrases or replace "our" with "YOUR." Remember, it is not about "OUR." It's all about "YOUR." It's about YOUR guests! Choosing the right copy is essential when writing your menu. Select the words you use wisely.

2. First Impression

Don't list your spa's policy on the first page of the menu. Another common faux pas is when you open up the menu and immediately see Massages, Facials, etc. BIG Mistake!

Do: Make the first page or first paragraph a "WELCOME" statement. This should be a short paragraph welcoming guests to the spa and telling your story. The "How to Spa" page should be the very last page within the menu.

3. Use of Images

Don't forget to add images into your menu. Some menus don't have any images or when I do see them, it's of a bed, an empty tub, an empty pedicure chair or an empty room, as if we are selling real estate, beds or room decor. Remember, we are selling guest experiences!

Do: Choose images with people in them to capture emotions and tell your story. You know the expression, "One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words." But it has to be the right picture!

4. Pricing

Don't list prices next to your descriptions. If you are going to invest in a booklet menu with several pages, make sure you don't include prices by the treatment descriptions.

Do: Your price list should be a card insert separate from the menu. This way if you wish to update your prices, you won't have to replace the entire menu. Note: If your menu is a pamphlet such as a tri-fold, then it is proper practice to show prices next to treatment descriptions. Make sure to place the price after the description, not before.

5. Treatment Options

Don't offer too many treatments. More does not mean better! Too many options will confuse guests and actually lower your reservation rate.

Do: Keep your menu simple by limiting the number of treatments. Organize your treatment options by category & subcategory. For example, Facials: Corrective, Anti-aging, Problematic. Then, list a couple of facials under each subcategory. This makes it easier to select treatments.

6. Menu Structure

Don't list a la carte options at the beginning of your menu. Frequently when spas offer packages, they typically list their packages in the back of the menu.

Do: Place your packages, programs and series in the front of the menu. List a la carte after your packages and programs. This practice will help sell more packages, increasing your revenue.
Menu Structure: (for a booklet) Cover, Welcome, Packages, Programs, A la carte, Spa Boutique, How to Spa, Back Cover.

7. Menu Assessment

Don't: Keep the same menu for a long period time. More than one year without change is a mistake. If you have items on your menu that are not selling, remove and replace them with new options.

Do: Change your menu. It is very important. Keep your offerings fresh and up to date. Gather a group of your loyal clientele who represent the majority of your target market to share new treatments or programs you are considering. Have them experience the new treatments, discuss price points and results, then make a good, well researched decision. Your menu should be assessed and tweaked at least once per year.

Remember, your menu tells who you are! Investing in a professional copywriter and designer is worth the investment to portray a great image and position your spa properly. There are consulting firms and CDs to help you plan, develop a great concept, properly promote and sell your services.

Focus on Menu Dos and Don'ts to create an outstanding menu!

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Dori Soukup is a recognized spa consultant, expert, speaker, coach and author. Dori is the founder and CEO of InSPAration Management, a business firm that specializes in providing business solutions to spa and salon leaders. The firm offers education via CDs, DVDs, Coaching Memberships, Seminars, and more. To learn more, visit

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