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Some Ideas to Protect the Natural Environment

     When we talk about the environment, generally we are referring to the state of the natural ecosystem. A natural ecosystem is the sum total of the different organisms that live on the earth. They interact with each other, with the earth and its resources. We can say that an ecosystem is a combination of the non living and the living constituents of the environment. Here, we need to differentiate between the natural environment and the built. The built environment consists of cities, towns, industries, mega structures and vehicles. On the other hand, the natural environment is all about different aspects of nature without human intervention such as animals, plants, insects, birds, humans, soil, water and air. Today, we are facing some serious environmental problems due to repressive and excessive interventions of humans on the natural environment especially in the post industrial era which commenced in the 19th century.

We, humans are responsible for the hazards and dangers our motherland is facing today. Now it is our responsibility that we take some simple but effective measures to rectify current scenario to some extent. There are very little changes that we can make to our routine lives, which may have a major impact on the natural environment. Most importantly, we need to save the energy by switching off our everyday appliances such as TV, computer, air conditioner, refrigerator etc. This will save enormous amounts of energy everyday. Through proper switching off, rather than just leaving on stand-by, we can all contribute to reduce the carbon emission into the natural environment and the earth’s atmosphere. As a result, we will get fruitful results by reducing global warming and pollution.

If you turn your central heating thermostat down by just one or two degrees, you have a very good chance of saving around $45-50 a year in energy costs and reducing your household emissions. Similarly, if you update your wall cavity, roof and underground insulation, as well as eliminate annoying draughts around your windows, doors and ventilators, you would be able to retain more of the heat in your home. In this way, you would not only reduce heat emission but also save money. These two energy saving tips are very effective and productive as they not only save money for you but also protect our natural environment from being polluted. All you need to do is to turn your thermostat down by one degree and feel the difference with out spending your single penny.

Recycling is one of the easiest ways to save the environment for our future generations. Recycling of paper would save hundreds of thousands of trees a year, which are the main source of absorbing some of the harmful and dangerous emissions in the natural environment. Recycling save on energy emissions and you can produce similar products time and again. You can recycle items such as paper, glass, cans, plastics etc. Similarly, it would be better if you arrange a car sharing scheme with one or more of your colleagues, college mates or friends rather than traveling alone. For example, driving a car will use more energy in a year than you leave your TV on for thirty years. Also, it has been estimated that every person in US receives junk mail with 97% not even opened. If we register to receive no junk mail, we would be saving our time as well as environment. For example, every person in US receives junk mail which is equivalent to two trees a year.

Today, every body is talking about the natural environment and we need to conserve and preserve the environment. In addition to above discussed ideas to save our environment, there are some other everyday changes which you can make to save the environment. These tips not only save your money but also benefit the natural environment in the long run. We need to create awareness about some of the environment saving ideas through modern modes of communications especially internet. Through forums and environmental chats, it is possible that we make people realize that they need to save the natural environment. Creating awareness about global warming and pollution would help people to take these issues seriously and adopt measures which will protect our natural environment

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