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Some Dangerous Aspects That Place Adolescents at Risk

     You should recognise the several risks that your adolescent might be exposed to as a way to protect him or her. They are depression, rebellion, addiction, legal rebellion, academic pressure and violence.

A kid's teenage years are possibly the most testing years that parents need to endure. Since teenagers battle with the changes which are occurring within them, they are very at risk of various bad influences present among them.


Teenagers at risk for depression aren't an unusual event. Universities have student counselors specifically trained to guide teens dealing with the start of depression, that could be caused by several exterior and internal aspects afflicting him. Depression is an early signal which can indicate more serious risks and need to be treated without delay.


Most children rebel at a particular level or other. Adolescent rebellion comes from pent-up disappointment, anger and confusion. The reason teenagers act up originates from one wish: the need for attention. Adolescents often feel ignored and crave the attention and also approval of the people they look up to. They're at an age where they are testing the waters and struggling with defining their personality and place in the modern society.


Adolescents find it very challenging to deal with all the perplexing changes that constantly surround them. As a result of this and pressure from peers, teenagers are highly vunerable to addiction and substance abuse. Drugs and alcohol are two of the most dangerous factors that can be present in a teen's life.

Legitimate rebellion

Several teens take breaking the regulations to a totally new degree and are often even goaded by their good friends to break the law. It destroys a parent's soul to know that their kid has been arrested even for the slightest cause. This should clearly be a red flag as legitimate rebellion can cause catastrophic disaster and ruin bright futures.

Academic pressure

The stress of educational excellence may place major stress on an adolescent. The need and drive to succeed in order to achieve admission into leading schools and also universities could take its toll on your child's mental health. To keep depression and rebellion at bay, it's important as parents to ensure that your adolescent approaches his studies with a wide open mind and is not pushed to take programs and do things they're not comfortable with. Motivate and encourage your kid even when they are not performing and also you desire they'd. Usually, adolescents desire their parents' acceptance, and you should do your part to comfort them with the knowledge that you will always be there for them no matter what.

Physical violence

Every time we know of a school shooting, our blood works cold. No doubt that adolescents experience pressure and stress that if not well-contained could bubble up to the area in a volcanic spit of frustration. Teenagers today are exposed to brutal films and assault from their friends in school. Through hallway bullies to major thugs, your child could be vulnerable to the physical and mental pain that could be caused by his friends. Be vigilant always for behaviour modifications, and spend time getting your child to trust you enough to seek your advice and protection.

You will need to protect your adolescents from the extremely actual dangers that these risk pose. Identifying the issue is the first step you can take, but careful attention has to be paid to help them out of it.

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