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Skype in UAE: Why is Skype Blocked in Dubai? Find Out Why and How to Unblock It!

     Skype, along with many other websites has been banned in the UAE because it is included in the ISP's that the UAE censors feel violate their laws. These laws include blocking sites that contain pornographic and gambling sites, sites that contain anything involving terrorist activities, and moral and religious laws. The banning of Skype began when Apple unveiled their 2.0 iPhone. While the UAE denies that Skype is blocked, Skype acknowledges that their IP address is on the banned list without any explanation as to why it was blocked. If you want to know more about this topic, you can read the tips and guide below.

Dubai has grown quickly and many people are traveling to Dubai to work or visit and need to remain in touch with family and friends outside of Dubai. The problem with making international calls is the expense. Skype provides the person with the ability to not only make calls, but to video chat, bringing a touch of home when you are so far away. With Skype being a blocked service (all VoIP is blocked in Dubai), many people are unable to make calls as often as they want or not have the ability to see their family, friends, or colleagues.

To get around the ban, you have a choice of using an unreliable proxy server, or the Best VPN service for Dubai. The VPN (otherwise known as virtual private network) uses a separate IP address located in one of many countries outside of Dubai UAE to make the local network think that you are somewhere else. By using a VPN, you also are afforded a private, secure network server where all your information is encrypted and you are able to use the VoIP Skype service without becoming blocked from access.

The VPN service works straight forward. After you sign up and download the service, you will log onto the internet as you normally would. After you log in, the VPN then directs you to a server outside the UAE censorship area. You then have an established and secure network where you remain anonymous. The IP provider will think that you are from somewhere else, depending on where you are located; it may appear that you are in the UK and not in Dubai. All your data is then encrypted and secure and you will then have the advantage to make Skype calls worldwide.

Due to the highly religious and authoritarian nature of those that control the UAE area, Skype and most internet sites will remain banned from use. By using the VPN, you will have the peace of mind that you will have the ability to work or visit the Dubai area without losing communications with family, friends, and business associates. With VPN making Skype calls has never been more secure and anonymous then it is now. Unblocking Skype in the UAE Dubai is as simple as downloading the VPN service and logging on. No longer will you feel alienated from the rest of the world.

Are you looking for more information regarding Skype in UAE? Visit today!

Are you looking for more information regarding Skype in UAE? Visit today!

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Are you looking for more information regarding Skype in UAE? Visit today!

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