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Risk Factors That Can Contribute to Poor Spine Health in Milwaukee Residents

     When it comes to your overall spine health, there are a number of risk factors that can potentially increase the likelihood that you will have to deal with the symptoms of a degenerative spine condition at some point in your life. As we age, our spines naturally begin to deteriorate as a result of years of wear and tear. These degenerative changes are entirely normal and not something to necessarily fret about. In most cases, spinal deterioration causes little more than the aches and pains and reduced flexibility that most of us accept is a natural side effect of growing older. However, for a certain segment of the population, spinal deterioration can progress to the point that it causes chronic back or neck pain, numbness or tingling in the extremities, or a litany of other symptoms. So why do some people experience more severe symptoms than others?

First, the bad news: there really is no way to predict definitively whether you will develop a herniated disc, spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis, facet disease, or any of the other spinal conditions that tend to develop later in life. Some individuals live their whole life without ever experiencing significant back or neck pain while others suffer early and often. With that said, there are broad risk factors that are generally believed to increase the overall chance of you developing a problem as you grow older. Some of these risk factors might not be entirely avoidable but by having a basic understanding of what puts undue pressure on the spine, it can be possible to limit exposure.

Broadly speaking, anything that puts additional strain on the spine can fast-track deterioration. For instance, individuals who struggle with obesity are often at increased risk for back and neck pain. In many ways, this stands to reason. The burden placed on the spine to support additional body fat maximizes wear and tear placed on the intervertebral discs, ligaments, vertebral joints, and other spinal components that allow for movement. Yet it isn't just the obese who have to worry about deterioration of this type. Individuals who live sedentary lives even those within the parameters of healthy body weight are also at risk because if the muscles that support the back and neck weaken, this puts further strain on the spinal canal.

There are also external factors that can put you at risk of spine problems down the road. Obviously, a traumatic injury to the back can have a long-lasting impact and lead to chronic pain as you grow older. Injuries from participation in high impact sports, such as participating in a weekend football or hockey league in Milwaukee, can accelerate wear and tear on the spine. Golfers, too, are at risk for spine problems because of the repetitive bending, twisting, and lifting required in the sport.

In short, there are all sorts of risk factors that can make it more likely that you will experience back or neck problems later in life. However, by having a basic understanding of what can accelerate the onset of a degenerative spine condition you can take the steps needed to limit your exposure.
Taylor Thomas is an experienced writer who has written for a number of notable publications. As a lifestyle expert, Mr. Thomas is able to offer advice and insight on a multitude of topics, including those pertaining to health and wellness.

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Taylor Thomas is an experienced writer who has written for a number of notable publications. As a lifestyle expert, Mr. Thomas is able to offer advice and insight on a multitude of topics, including those pertaining to health and wellness.

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