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Reclaimed Art and Recycled Art

     Reclaimed art and recycled art are described as artworks that are compiled of objects that have been discarded by others. There are many reclaimed art and recycled art artists that use the vision of what art is to them, to create visual styles that are most impressive by any standards.

Reclaimed and recycle art are considered eco friendly ways of creation. Artists will take objects that were previously used for another purpose that have been discarded, and turn them into a piece of art. Examples of this can be found in artists work such as the Marcel Duchamp piece named Fountain. This piece was created from a urinal that was made into a fountain. Any discarded object which previously had another use and is now used in art is considered reclaimed or recycled art.

A famous artist named Pablo Picasso was known for recycled art, such as the piece entitled Baboon and Young, which used a bicycle seat and a set of handlebars to create a bull's head. A variation on recycle art called commodity sculpture was created in the early 80s, where mass produced items would be arranged in an art gallery as a sculpture. This was commonly used at the time for marketing of products, and many artists such as Steinbach, Ashley Bickerton and Jeff Koons were greatly involved in this movement.

There are many modern artists that use reclaimed objects in their art including Greg Colson, Tom Friedman, Lonnie Holley and even Salvador Dali who recently had a movie made about his life. For over 30 years, one artist named Frank Russell has been creating pieces from reclaimed or recycled objects. From ironing boards to tin roofs and bowling pins, he can create from most any metal object. Many of his pieces are life sized and detailed accurately when it comes to profile and posture of the object. One piece in particular that catches the eye is called Blue Marlin Monroe. This piece is made entirely from auto trim, a cow crossing sign, spoons, and tins from candy and popcorn as well as fruitcakes. Not only does Russell reuse some of the most discarded items to make the world more eco friendly, but he creates items that others are not capable of creating due to the mediums he uses.

Brian Mock reclaimed items that are hard to find, and finds them in salvage yards and recycle bins. An inspiring piece called Iron Maid, is a female figure wearing a skirt. The skirt is made from brass plated hinges that have been flattened, with the torso being made from tension rods. From motorcycle chains to antique door knobs, Mock uses items that were useful during their life and are now finding new life in art.

Reclaimed and recycled art are hardly new to the art world. For many years there have been artists experimenting with reusing objects to create visual effects otherwise impossible with other mediums. If more people were conscious of the objects they discard, these artists would still be able to find beauty in the junk we create.

Ben Gilbert's Designs can be found by visiting his website at Green Art.

Ben Gilbert's Designs can be found by visiting his website at Green Art.

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Ben Gilbert's Designs can be found by visiting his website at Green Art.

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