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RC Cars

     Ever heard of RC cars, or Remote Controlled cars? If you're a collector of these cars then you already know the kinds - but let's say you want this to be your new hobby and don't really know what to get, being a newbie around the world of RC cars.
First you need to know and differentiate between a kid's remote controlled car to a adults remote controlled car. There's a difference between the children's play thing to its adult version. Usually, RC cars for kids have the standard double A batteries that allow the remote control car to run. Adult types of these RC cars however, vary from fuels and sources of energy. Once you can differentiate a child's version to the adults, you can now choose from 3 types of RC cars: Nitro, Petrol and Electric Remote Control Cars.
The fastest amongst the three of the racers is Nitro Remote control cars. If you're searching for a fast, speedy and aggressive RC car, this would be it. Nitro racers run on expensive fuel called Nitro Methane that you can buy only in specialty stores. It gives racers the speed that over powers it's other two counter parts, Petrol and Electric Remote Controlled cars. The downside of having to own Nitro racers is to keep up with high maintenance since the fuel that you use for this RC car leaves residue on the racers chassis and of course, the value for its fuel; Nitro Methane.
Electric Remote Control cars run on Lithium Polymer or most known as Li-Po rechargeable batteries and this type of RC car is the next step after using a child's remote controlled car. The lithium polymer batteries have a kick to them, but it's not as strong and does not give the kind of speed that Nitro or Petrol fuels can give a RC car. Comparing this RC car to the other two counter parts, this is the slowest. The Petrol remote control car runs on a mix of 2-stroke and unleaded petrol oil that you can obtain in a gas station near you. This comes in second to those remote control cars that run on Nitro.
Petrol remote controlled cars need more maintenance than those who run on Lithium Polymer batteries.
There are those who love to purchase remote controlled cars that are ready-to-race, while there are some who prefer building their own. You have the choice between buying kits to those remote controlled cars that are ready to race. Ready-to-race remote control cars are the ones that you can just take out of the box and it's ready to go. Kits on the other hand you need to assemble. If you're a newbie in the world of remote controlled cars, it's best to stick to the ready to race remote controlled cars. Those who choose the kits are those who are well experienced in handling and assembling remote controlled cars.
There are many models and types to choose from, so take your time with knowing what type would suit you best.

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