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Pyjamas Or Lounge Pants?

     Despite many years of quiet dominance it would appear that pyjamas are now under threat from a new kid on the block in the shape of colourful and eye-catching loungepants. But what exactly are lounge pants and why are they seemingly pushing traditional pyjamas into the background?


Additional pyjamas come in all shapes, sizes and colours and there is no doubt that they are still very popular today with young children and those of a more mature age. Whatever type of material, whatever style, whatever colour and whatever theme of pyjamas you are after there is no doubt that there will be something for you. The online market has grown significantly over the last few years and even though items such as loungepants are certainly more popular today than ever have been, there is still a place for your traditional pyjamas.

Lounge pants

Loungepants are very much a fashion item amongst young people today taking in everything from sports characters to movie stars, from cartoon characters to different shapes and colours. The one thing which they all seem to have in common is that they are very eye-catching, they are very colourful and are certainly not designed to sit in the background. It may well be the material which these lounge pants are made from which has attracted the attention of many people over the last few years because they are generally very warm and very soft.

It is optional what type of top you would wear with your loungepants as they do not really come as a pair with the pants sold individually. So whether you buy a T-shirt, pyjama top or perhaps wear one of your favourite football strips the options are there. However, the highlight will always be on loungepants!

Christmas and birthday gifts

Over the last couple of years we have seen a specific spike in lounge pants sales as we approach Christmas and many people often buy these particular gifts for birthdays. As we suggested above, while they are very practical and they are very warm there are also a fashion item although they are a fashion item which has lasted longer than many. More and more companies are now clicking onto the idea of lounge pants and the number of cartoon themed products available, movie themed products and other specific themes continues to grow.

Pyjamas or lounge pants?

At this point in time it seems that lounge pants are certainly more popular amongst younger children although many fitness fanatics also seem to favour this particular type of clothing. However, traditional pyjamas have and will always have a place in the home and there are still thousands of different variations available for young children, older children and adults.

It does seem as loungepants are here to stay and at some point we will likely see the introduction of lounge tops which will vibrate the same theme as the lounge pants available today. If you have never tried this new brand of bed wear then you may well be pleasantly surprised at how warm they are and how comfortable they are.

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