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Protection and Self Defense

     As parents, you cannot remove the fact that you will worry about the safety of your children. Even if they are already grown or, more especially, if they are still young children, there are different ways that you can teach them on how to keep safe and stay away from danger.

The basic thing that is taught to young children is not to speak to strangers. If followed, this will greatly increase the safety levels of your kids. Therefore, it is important that you make this information stick to their minds.

If you want, you may guard your older children with more complex devices that they can use to incapacitate, even temporarily, an attacker. First, a common self defense item is a mace spray. Most people think of mace sprays and pepper sprays as the same with each other. However, in reality they are different from each other.

A mace spray contains other components aside from just pepper in its spray. It has CN teargas. This is a component which is a substance that causes instant tearing coupled with involuntary closing of the eyes, coughing, inflammation of the area that is exposed to the spray and many more.

Also, it has Oleoresin Capsicum. This is a substance that is derived from chili peppers. Therefore, you can expect that the effects will be like how a person usually responds to chili. This is the spray which is famously called pepper spray. This can be an effective form of self defense if it is sprayed in the head area. It can cause a burning and hot sensation if it reaches the mucus membranes of the eyes. Also, the eyes will be shut. This will be the reason for the experience of temporary blindness.

If the amount sprayed is too much, the effects may pose a little danger. However, generally the effects are just temporary and will only provide time enough for you to run away from an attacker and call for help.

A mace spray also includes a UV dye which can remain in the skin for a week or two. This can be an effective way to recognize your assailant once apprehended by police enforcement.

Another type of self defense devices that you arm your kids with is a stun gun. This device is designed to deliver an electric shock to the body. It has two metallic prongs at the tip of the device. This is the conductor of electricity. This can be an effective method of immobilizing an attacker because of loss of muscle control and pain. Its effects can last for a few minutes.

A mace, pepper spray and a stun gun can be given only to older children who know how to use them responsibly.

For more sophisticated and hi-tech devices, you can have home surveillance systems. This is simply in the form of hidden cameras installed in places where you want them. If you are to leave the kids at home, you can set up spy cameras that will monitor your house and your surroundings. This can be a good method of securing your family without spending much on a home security system.

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